By: Jordan Silver

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking sweet pussy.” I had no control left as my cock kept jabbing into her trying to get the last little bit of pleasure. Her sweet pussy had tamed the monster for now, he was finally happy.

She was a wet battered mess when I finally pulled out of her, her legs sprawled lewdly as I watched my cum ooze out of her gaping cunt. Looking down at my cock I saw that he was down but not out, if I fucked her again she’d be in pain for sure though so I decided to take it easy on her for now besides there were lots of other things she could do to keep my boy happy.

With that happy thought in mind I walked around the lounger to her head and smacked her cheek with the weight of my cock.

“Open.” She opened her mouth greedily and licked the tip of my cock before licking all around it sucking her own juices off my drying dick. I pushed forward into her mouth forcing more of my cock inside. She gagged but I didn’t stop.

“Breathe…good girl now take more of me into your mouth.” When she balked I calmly warned her that it was either that or her sore pussy again. She got the gist of it and opened her mouth wider sucking about seven of my eleven inches inside.

“Play with your pussy while I face fuck you.” Her hand went immediately to her pussy lips and she fondled her clit humming around my dick as she made herself feel good. Reaching down I pushed two fingers inside her twat helping her out a little she fucking grabbed onto my digits with her snatch and twitched.

“I’m going to cum on your tongue and you’re going to swallow it all you hear me?” She nodded her head around my cock as she rubbed her clit furiously while I finger fucked her.

My cock had made his way into her throat as I cautioned myself not to go too hard too soon, like I said I wasn’t out to hurt her just teach her a lesson.

“Play with my balls…yeah just like that.” My balls were a handful big and low hanging they had to be to hold up my cock, which was a good six inches when soft. When I felt her cumming around my fingers I pinched one of her nipples hard making her scream around my cock, which opened her airwaves wider, which sent my cock even farther down her neck. I could see the outline of my meat in her fucking neck and that shit made me want to plunder.

“Get ready to swallow.” I pulled out of her throat and sprayed her tongue with my hot thick cum and having second thoughts pulled out the rest of the way and stroked my cock hard and fast as I sprayed her tits and stomach. I came for a long time as I watched my seed cover her flesh, her hand had never stopped moving in and on her pussy while I’d taken mine away to hold my cock.

“Clean me up.” I pushed my softening cock back into her mouth and she licked me with her tongue until I was nice and clean before I scooped up the rest from her body and fed it to her.

Pulling her up from the chair I walked over to the pool and jumped in with her in my arms. I guess like all females she needed that after loving care because she wrapped her limbs around me and laid her head on my chest. I held her ass in my hands as I paddled in the water her weight feeling nice against me.

“So tell me how come a hot little bitch like you was still cherry?”

“I was scared to go all the way.”

Her voice was little girl soft again.

“Scared huh, but you were a tease?”

She nodded her head shyly against me; I lifted her head up so she could see into my eyes.

“Do you see now why that’s not such a good idea?”

“Yes Major Ashton.”

“Jeremy you can call me Jeremy from now on since we’re going to become very well acquainted; you do know I’m going to fuck you every day that you’re here don’t you?”

I felt the answering twitch in her body she liked the idea.

“Are you really going to put that thing in my ass?”

She was back to being scared.

“Sure am not to worry I’ll be sure and lube you up real good first, now run along inside and make us some lunch.” I pulled her legs down from around me and helped her out of the pool. She was walking a little bandy legged as she retrieved her towel from the chair and headed into the house I looked down at my cock which bobbed in the water, we were gonna have some fun after all this summer.

Chapter 3

I did a few laps my mind turning to her parents, I wasn’t too worried about what they would do if they found out, like I said she was of age and her father at least knew my reputation, he ought to have known better than to leave the little cock tease here alone with me, he should’ve known there was a good chance she’d end up fucked.

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