By: Jordan Silver

I busied myself going over some paperwork for my last security detail and making some calls to my team, I was going to be taking some time off it seemed to spend with my new little fuck buddy.

I checked in on her and she was still asleep, she looked so innocent as she laid there curled up around a pillow, her cupid bow mouth opened slightly as she breathed evenly in sleep. Her red curls were spread out behind her and her body looked small in the big bed. That weird feeling happened in my chest again and I rubbed the spot even as I walked farther into the room as if somehow drawn there. Sitting on the bed next to her I ran my hand softly over her hair so as not to awaken her. She sighed and snuggled deeper into the bed and I leaned over and kissed her lips, I couldn’t seem to help myself. One kiss became two as the sleep soft sweetness of her lips drew me in deeper, soon I was kissing her awake my tongue licking the inside of her mouth until she came awake sucking on my tongue. Without a word she rolled over fully on her back pulling me over her, her legs opening easily to accept me as if we’d been lovers forever. My cock sought his newfound haven and I eased into her, her body accepting me as we moved slowly against each other. There was no rush this time, it was slow and soft and sweet and unlike anything I’d ever experienced before and I found myself giving away more than I should.

“I love being inside you, I love the way your pussy feels around me fuck, I’ve never felt anything this good before in my life.” The nice slow movement in and out of her felt like it could go on forever, the way her pussy gripped me and squeezed like she wanted to keep me buried inside of her forever went right to my head and as I emptied inside her womb once more and felt the answering spasm in her walls I felt a little part of me give over to her.

She was back to sleep in a heartbeat leaving me awake to wonder at this strange new development. Now I was dealing with thoughts of what would happen once she left, the summer had barely started and already I was dreading the day she would leave. Looking down at her I drew her closer to me my lips going automatically to her hair as I closed my eyes in peace.

Chapter 5

For the next few days we fell into a routine, she started working out with me in the mornings, which always led to me bending her over in the backyard and mounting her for a good hard ride. Our morning sessions lasted a long time because it was the monster’s first taste for the day and he usually woke up hungry. She wasn’t sharing my bed as yet though at night I saw her hesitancy when it was time to go to her bed alone, but I wouldn’t rush her I’ll let her make that decision on her own. From the backyard romp we usually took it to the pool to cool off where I’d end up fucking her again as she wrapped her legs around me and took in my cock. That was our slow time, that’s when we took it easy and whispered to each other, when my heart felt like it would tear out of my fucking chest at the thought of letting her go. Then we’d go into the house and I’d juice us some veggie and fruit blends for a healthy shake to keep our strengths up because I was beginning to see that my girl was insatiable. If she could I think my little darling would fuck all day.

“Let’s go into town, I need some supplies and you need to get out of the house.”

She didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea but got up to go get dressed, like I said if she could she would be on my dick twenty-four seven.

She came back out dressed in short shorts and some kind of gauzy top tied under her braless tits. I took one look and went back to reading the newspaper.

“Go change.”

“What why?”

“Because I said so.”

“You’re not my dad I don’t think you can tell me what to do.”

“Guess again sweetheart, now go change and don’t make a big production out of this or you won’t like the end results.” I finally picked my head up to look at her sternly so she knew I wasn’t fucking around.

She flounced out of the room and I shook my head, looks like the season of peace was at an end, I was wondering when the brat would rear her head again, looks like today was the day.

On the way in the jeep she kept fiddling with the radio I was pretty sure she was trying to get a rise out of me but I concentrated on my driving and ignored her ass. Our first stop was for groceries, she kept picking up stupid shit and giving me looks under her lashes to se my reaction, I had none. The three boxes of sugary cereal and the bags of marshmallows and cookies and whatever the hell else she threw into the cart just stayed there as I picked up what I needed.

“Why do you eat like an old man I mean you’re what forty? That’s old but not that old.” The little sweetheart knew damn well I was only thirty-five because we’d had that conversation only the day before while she’d been playing with my cock as she played twenty questions. If she thought implying that my ass was old would get me riled up she was in for a shock. As old as I was I still put a hurting on her young pussy and she still kept coming back for more in fact instead of me having to seek her out and take her as I’d first thought would be the case she’d been the one more often than not seeking me for cock. Now here she was implying I was an old man.

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