The Billionaire's Accidental Bride

By: Kimmy Love


Jack was surprised to see Annaya's name flashing on his smartphone when the cell began to ring. He assumed she was calling to chase him up about the annulment and so he quickly answered. It surprised him how exciting he found even the sound of her voice and he answered with a confident, "Annaya. Good evening. What can I do for you?"

The voice of the woman on the other end, so flirtatious and sexy that fateful night, now serious, and that immediately made Jack take a seat at his office desk.

"Hi Jack. I'm sorry to be calling you out of the blue, but something's come up."

"What is it?"

"I'm pregnant."

"Pregnant? Are you sure?"


"Is it mine?"

"Of course it's yours! There's been nobody else."

Jack felt his stomach drop and ice run through his veins. He immediately envisioned word of this getting out to his father and his inheritance being ripped away as he was sent away in shame. He knew he had to step up to the mark and help Annaya, but he wanted to do it quietly. He sighed heavily.

"I'll come and see you," he promised. "We'll figure something out. Can you keep the news to yourself until we've had a chance to speak?"

Annaya sighed irritably. She wasn't too impressed that she had Jack's baby growing inside her and his main concern was making sure nobody found out. Still, his offer to come and see her to discuss things was already more than she'd expected from him, so after letting out a long breath, she answered curtly, "Fine."

"Thank you. I'll be there tomorrow. What's your address?"

Annaya reeled off her details and Jack wrote them down. Afterwards, there was a long and painful pause on the line when neither knew what to say. The distance between them made the situation all the more uncomfortable. Jack wasn't always the most emotional or vocal man, but at least if he'd been with her, he'd have been able to take hold of her hand and give it a squeeze of reassurance. As it was, he simple found himself clearing his throat after the silence had continued too long and reiterating that he'd be there the next day.

"Try not to worry about it, OK? I'll sort it out."


"He said he'd sort it out."

"‘Sort it out’? What the hell does that mean?"

"God knows if I know, Nat!"

"It sounds like he's going to send a hit man your way. Jesus."

"It seems to be his way. He said the same thing after finding out about the marriage. ‘I'll sort it out’."

"Typical. Although, I suppose at least he's agreed to come and see you. That's something, isn't it?"

"I think he's just worried I'm going to say something to someone."

"So what? Nobody here knows who he is."

"I suppose it only takes one person to wonder if there's a story in it for it to get out," Annaya sighed. "I don't want it in the press either."

"What are you going to say to him when he comes? Are you going to keep it?"

"I don't know, Nat. I don't think I could get rid of it. That's just not me. Besides, I'm almost thirty. Will I get another chance to have kids?"

Annaya could almost hear Nat's pity emanating down the line when she spoke about her time running out and her friend's voice became gentler in reply. "You've got to make the right decision for you, Annaya. You're a catch. You'll meet the right one."

"We've been saying that for years. Besides, I think I'd be a good mom. Man or no."

"Of course you would. You'd be the best mom. But do you really want to do that on your own?"

"No, not really. But if I have to, I will."

"Whatever you do, you know I'll support you, but just go in with your eyes open, Annaya. It wouldn't be easy on your own."

"I'll see what Jack says when he gets here."

"When does he come?"


"Do you want me to be there with you?"

"No. Thanks, Nat. I'll be OK. Besides, you've got more important things to focus on! You're getting married in a month! Seriously, I'll be fine."

"Well, you know where I am if you need me."

"Thanks, Nat."

Annaya put the phone down and felt her stomach doing little nervous flips. She'd known she was pregnant for a couple of days, but the reality of it hadn't really hit her until she'd called Jack, and now that she'd just spoken to Natalie, the harsh truth of the matter seemed even more real.

Tomorrow, she'd see the sexy Jack Casali again and that sent waves of nervousness coursing through her. What would he say? Would he try and convince her to get rid of it? Would he pay her for her silence? Annaya couldn't help but fear the worst. After all, she'd only known Jack for one night and she hardly remembered any of that time. The man was a stranger with a high profile. What did that mean for Annaya and her baby?

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