The Billionaire's Accidental Bride

By: Kimmy Love

This was not the case with Annaya. Yes, she knew she was attractive and how to move her body in order to draw Jack's eye. But there was a certain grace to her movements; a kind of refinement that stopped her flirtations from ever crossing over into anything that could be described as vulgar.

She wanted him to look, but Jack could also tell this was not a woman who would let a man take control. He felt like he'd met his match and his attraction grew as their glances grew more frequent and fiery.

Annaya was surrounded by other woman in equally short dresses and high heels, but she stood out from the crowd in every way, from her incredible beauty, to the sound of her laugh, to the way she moved; Jack was enchanted.

He kept his cool for as long as possible, playing a few spins of the wheel with Lewis and throwing down a few chips at this table and the next, but when he saw Annaya moving away from her group towards the bar, he knew it was time to make his move.

"Going after her, hey?" Lewis said knowingly. "Need a wingman?"

"Not tonight, Lewis," Jack grinned. "The way she's been looking at me tonight, she's just waiting for me to go and speak to her."

"Remember what I said," Lewis offered as one final piece of advice, "don't do anything stupid."


It had been a while since Annaya had flirted the way she did that night, but she couldn't get enough of the look in the handsome stranger's eyes when he stared at her. It was like she was casting a spell over him. She could see it in the way he had started off so cool and casual, like he owned the place, but as the minutes ticked by and she didn't fall at his feet despite him catching her eye, she could see him begin to become intrigued.

He started to make more of an effort to get her attention by placing bigger bets and shaking hands with the best-dressed men and women walking by, as if he knew everyone in town and wanted her to know it.

There were beautiful women in the casino that night; young, gorgeous and dripping in diamonds, but the handsome stranger's steady gaze didn't waver an instant. Annaya loved how empowered it made her feel to know that she could capture his attention that way and she started to use her heavy eyelashes and hourglass figure to her advantage, moving in a way that she knew would be the most alluring.

"Annaya, you just won!"


Natalie followed Annaya's gaze again and once more rolled her eyes, but her laugh was forgiving. "I've lost you," she said. "You're fawning all over that guy.

You might as well go and get him. We're all going to be heading back to the hotel lobby soon anyway. Go on. You have my blessing. Just take care of yourself and don't do anything stupid, alright?"

Annaya blushed to have been caught swooning over a man all night and she gave Natalie a grateful hug. "I'm sorry, Nat. I know I've been daydreaming all night. I promise to make it up to you at the fitting next week. We'll drink champagne and read bridal magazines and discuss flower arrangements... I'll be all yours, I swear."

"It's fine," Natalie laughed. "Go and have some fun. I'm getting married in a month and God knows you might be the only one of us left with any interesting stories to tell. Go hook up for us married ones and promise to tell us all about it in the morning."

The flirtatious maid-of-honor said goodbye to the girls and, with the bride's permission, made her way casually to the bar. She could have just walked straight over to the handsome stranger, of course, but that would have made it too easy for him. No, she wanted him to come to her.

She separated herself from the group and ordered a glass of wine. Then she sat on that high bar stool with one shapely leg crossed over the other and one hand holding the neck of her glass. She had to resist the urge to keep looking over her shoulder to see if the sexy Italian was coming her way if she wanted to keep hold of her upper hand.

A small smile came to her face when a few moments later, she could feel the heat of someone standing behind her and she heard the sound of a deep, seductive voice saying, "I'll take a glass of the McAllen. Thank you."

Annaya tried not to look impressed when the barman didn't charge the stranger for the drink. She wondered if he came here often enough to have a tab, or whether he was someone more important than she'd realized. The stranger leaned with one elbow against the bar and turned to look at her with devilish eyes and a seductive smile.

"It's not often a woman intrigues me enough to take me away from a poker game. So, tell me, what's the name of the most beautiful woman in Vegas?"

Annaya let out a little laugh at the chat-up line which would have sounded so cheesy coming from anyone else, but made her heart flutter when coming from him. "Annaya."

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