Off Limits

By: Lauren Landish

"Here, just in case you thought I wasn't telling you the truth earlier," I joked, handing her my card. "Call me when you get off work tomorrow?"

Sophie's smile was worth the niggling little voice in my head that was telling me I should have given her one of my aliases. As I drove away into the night, I only hoped my appointment in the North Side wouldn't take me too long.

* * *


I had bought my Mercedes not for the performance, although it was a great car, but, like Sophie said, for its ability to be totally silent when I wanted it to be. Driving slowly, I crept up until I was about two hundred yards away from my destination before I pulled over and waited. It's one of the advantages of an electric car. I can sit in idle mode in total silence and very few people will notice me.

I have a very hard and fast rule in my line of work, one I've adopted personally. I always make sure the problem is present before I go in and do anything. Too many operators in my profession just go in there regardless of the mess they make. I prefer to prevent future problems for me and my employers, and for that reason, I was highly sought after.

It took me almost thirty minutes to verify that the problem was there, and that I wouldn't be creating a scene or causing more mess by going in. Fine. I reached under the passenger seat of my car and took out my tools.

Time to go to work.

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