The Billionaire and the Cleaner

By: Sam Crescent

Kent sat back observing her.

“What?” she asked, feeling self-conscious under his questioning gaze.

“You’re not like other women.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

He remained silent as she ate her food. Kent ate as well, but the silence remained while she waited for him to answer her question.

“It’s not a bad thing. I’m just not used to it.”

“You date supermodels and actresses. They know what to talk to you about. I’m a cleaner and a waitress, Kent. I’m not exactly in the know when it comes to you and the company you keep,” she said.

Kent smiled. The action lit up his whole face. He looked so handsome when he smiled. Her throat became dry. Taking a sip of her milkshake, Lana averted her gaze.

“You’ve taken notice in the glossy magazines about me,” he said.

“I’ve seen the stories passing several newspaper stands. You’re a well-known guy.” She shrugged finishing up her food. Kent ordered another coffee and a milkshake for her.

“Yes, I know. Don’t read all the newspapers. The stories are made-up crap,” he said.

His face darkened. Swallowing past the sudden lump in her throat, Lana looked at him. “Which stories?”

“All of them.”

“So, you haven’t slept with porn stars?” she asked, smiling.

“Well, there wasn’t a lot of sleeping involved.”

Lana burst out laughing at his joke. His wicked smile sent tingles throughout her smile.

Another hour later they were ready to leave.

“Come on, I’ll take you home.”

She climbed into his car and strapped herself in waiting for him to start the car. Kent wouldn’t allow her to pay for their meal. She’d enjoyed every second with him talking. He wasn’t dark or brooding but fun.

He parked outside her apartment. She turned to him, grabbing a key out of her bag.

“Thank you so much for tonight. I really do appreciate the lift and the food.”

“I’m glad. I enjoyed spending time with you.”

Lana climbed out of the car as Kent leaned in close. She didn’t want to know what he was about to do. Men were off limits and especially him. Kent was a player. She’d read enough about him to know he loved women. Lana had also seen an interview where he’d spoken quite clearly about never being in a long term relationship.

She waved at his car from the door before making her way up to the third floor where her apartment was. Once inside, she slid the locks into place then made her way straight for the bathroom. The scent of lemon permeated the air.

After a quick shower, she set her alarm for nine and then eased down under the blankets. Her mind playing over the night, Lana wondered what had happened. His attention didn’t make any sense. She wasn’t pretty like his models, and she was sure he’d leaned in to kiss her.

Thinking about his lips made her shiver. Her pussy melted as heat swept through her. Frank never left her feeling so passionate even after a night together.

Running her fingers through her hair, Lana cut off all of her thoughts. Her imagination was running wild. Kent wasn’t going to kiss her or try to do anything with her. She wasn’t worth his time.


Kent drove home feeling like he’d missed out on a kiss. He’d leaned in close intending to kiss her sweet, plump lips, and she’d moved away from him. Why had she moved away from him?

Going back the way he came, Kent ignored the passing scenery. His only intention was making it home. There were many nights he’d gone without sleep. Since his obsession with the lovely Lana, his sleeping patterns had changed to match hers.

He didn’t like her being in an apartment in an area of the city he didn’t trust. There were a lot of things he didn’t like about his woman’s current lifestyle. The fact she’d skipped lunch and dinner annoyed him. He liked her appetite. Dating women who ordered salads or soup irritated him. Kent remembered a time when he’d loved the slenderness of a woman. Now, he found their eating habits and their neurotic obsession with weight annoying. On several dates they’d talked non-stop about other actresses and models with fatter figures or slimmer figures. He was tired of hearing about weight, food, and the damn celebrity business.

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