His Possession (The Owners, 1)

By: Sam Crescent

She woke instantly to his presence. “What are you doing?” she asked, her voice groggy and filled with sleep.

“This is my bed, sweetheart. You’re having a bad dream. Lie down and rest.” He laid her head on his chest and held her as she drifted off to sleep.

At first, he felt her struggle to pull away. He held her and refused to let her go. As the night wore on, her body relaxed, and soon she was asleep.

Cadeon closed his eyes and let the thrill of having her in his arms soothe him. She would be his, if it was the last thing he did.

Chapter Three

“Where is she?” Dominic asked, slapping the woman at his feet away from him.

“We don’t know where she could have got to, sir. No one knows what she looks like or where she could have moved to. With no name or other details we can’t find her,” one of his minions said.

Dominic didn’t like failure. He wanted results, and he wanted them fast. His business relied on him to be the best he could and to get the products distributed in the best possible condition as soon as possible.

“She’s a little girl, and I want her. People will pay a pretty penny for her. I want her. For the past three years you’ve failed me.” Taking out his gun, Dominic shot the man who’d come back to his house with the same stupid answers. No one has seen her. No one knows where she is. There are more women out there.

“Does anyone else what to follow this shit-head?” he asked the other men surrounding him. No one stood up.

Picking up the picture he’d found in Valerie Walter’s house. The stupid whore had kept her daughter in the dark from him. She knew he was looking for young girls. Stupid fucking cunt. They should know never to think for themselves. They were good for one thing, for fucking and bringing him money. When one whore died, ten more stood in her place. Valerie had been a good earner. She knew what the men wanted. Finding the picture of her daughter had been a treasure he couldn’t deny, but locating the girl was becoming more trouble than he liked. Maybe when he got her, he’d give the little slut a test drive.

“Now, I want you to leave here and get in touch with our contacts in the police force. Push a little money. I don’t give a shit. I want this girl found.”

His men left in a hurry. They knew better than to fuck with him. Dominic Green, human trafficker, drug pusher, and all round bad-ass. No one messed with him. Least of all women. He glanced at the woman curled up in a ball. Smiling, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into his bedroom.

The girl would be his.

Chapter Four

Violet stretched, coming awake and opening her eyes. She frowned. The bed wasn’t hers, and she didn’t recognise the room. She became aware of the other presence in the bed and turned to see Cadeon fast asleep beside her, one arm flung over her waist and one leg covering both of hers.

She’d never slept in a bed with a man before. Lying as still as possible, she looked at the man she worked for. In sleep he appeared so peaceful, unlike when he was awake. Cadeon Ashwood was a force to be reckoned with. She’d witnessed grown men become terrified at the prospect of doing business with him.

He opened his eyes and smiled at her. The effect on her body alarmed her. His smiled should not affect her so easily.

“Good morning,” he said. His hand on her waist moved up her rib cage to lie underneath her breast.


“Did you sleep well?”

How strange for her to be having a conversation about her sleeping pattern with her boss? Wait a minute. She was in bed with her boss. That sort of thing mustn’t happen. Shit. She wished her mother hadn’t kept her in the dark about so many things. But then, men did sleep with her mum all the time.

Shut up, Violet.

“Yes. I did.”

“Good. I’m glad.” Cadeon leaned over and kissed her on the lips. The merest brush of lips. Nothing overly sexual or dominating.

“You keep doing that,” she said.


“Kissing me. I’m your employee. You shouldn’t kiss me.” Her fingers traced the line of her lips.

“I like kissing you. Don’t you like me kissing you?” His hand moved down her body and grasped her hip. She took a large breath trying to compose the shaking of her body. What was he doing to her? “Well? Do you like me kissing you?”

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