Her Dad's Friend

By: Penny Wylder

I’m finally feeling bold enough to go up to him and tell him how much I want him, but then my mom calls out, “Everyone out of the pool. Time to cut the cake.”

The little water world Paul and I had been in, where only the two of us existed, starts to break up and scatter. The noise of the party and the fact that my parents are here slips into my reality and kills the mood.

Disappointed by the intrusion, I start to get out. I’m halfway up the ladder when I notice Paul isn’t following. “Aren’t you getting out?” I ask.

“No, I’m not. Thanks to you and that bikini.”

I feel myself blush and I have to admit, I do look pretty good in this bathing suit after all those kickboxing classes I’ve been taking. “What, this old thing?” I say and pull the fabric of the bottoms into my crack so that it looks like a thong.

Paul reaches out and slaps my bare ass cheeks with a loud thwack. I let out a sound of surprise, something between a yelp and a moan at the sudden sting and pleasure of it. The pain soon warps into wonderful warmth and a throbbing sensation. Suddenly I’m picturing myself naked and draped over his knee while he spanks my butt until there are pink handprints left behind.

Our eyes meet and his are hooded, watching me with obvious lust. If I wasn’t surrounded by my family, I’d fuck him right here and now.

“I … um,” I stammer. “I’ll go get you a towel.”

I grab a towel off one of the lounge chairs and he’s out of the water. As I walk toward him, the shape of his erection beneath his board shorts is right there in front of me, straining against his waistband. He gives me ample opportunity to take it all in before reaching for the towel in my hands. And believe me, there’s a lot of it to take in. Maybe more than I can handle in one sitting. He’s definitely bigger than anyone I’ve ever been with before. I’d like to find out just how much my body can stretch.

Feeling exposed, I put my cover-up back on and walk to the table where my mom is lighting candles on my cake.

Everyone sings the birthday song. My dad sings the loudest. He’s definitely drunk. He’s not the singing type. I pass him another drink. As soon as he’s drunk enough, my mom will insist on taking him upstairs and putting him to bed to stave off any kind of embarrassment.

After cake a group of us play rummy while Paul and my parents catch up. I feel him watching me. Every time I look up, his eyes are right there and he offers me a smile.

The wind starts to pick up and the temperature drops. Those still standing after the unlimited supply of alcohol make their way indoors. It’s only a handful; Emily and her admirers, my parents, and Paul. Most of my friends leave early since there are tests tomorrow morning. We all drink more and talk. Paul huddles with my dad in their man corner, laughing and talking about old times. I steal glances at Paul and marvel at the way he commands a room with his quiet confidence. How everyone leans forward to hear what he has to say. There’s just something about him that demands attention without saying a word. And yet there’s not a single arrogant bone in his body. He’s truly beautiful.

Around midnight Emily goes home with a cute guy who sits in the front of several of my classes. It’s nearly one in the morning when my mom declares it’s time to take my dad upstairs.

“I should probably get home,” I say.

“Why don’t you just stay the night here?” my mom suggests.

Staying with Paul under the same roof while I’m amped up? That’s probably not a good idea. I don’t think I’d be able to control myself. With all the security cameras in the house—most of which I know the locations, but some of them I don’t—it would be too risky.

“I can’t,” I say. “I told my neighbor I’d feed her cat while she was out of town.”

“Let me put your father to bed then I’ll drive you home,” my mom says.

“It’s fine, Mom. I can take a cab.”

Paul’s deep voice next to me: “I’ll take her. I haven’t been drinking. It’ll be safer that way.”

I pull in a breath and hold it until my lungs feel like they might explode.

Safer for me maybe, but who will save Paul from me when I get him alone?

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