The Wager

By: Calista Kyle

"You can't wear your contacts?" she asked.


"Do you have any other pair of glasses that aren't so..."

"Horrendous? No unfortunately. I only ever wear these at home, so I didn't think to get a more stylish pair. Don't think I don't regret it now."

"Well, it's actually not so bad. Maybe it even looks a little edgy?" she said, trying to put a positive spin on an obviously bad situation. "Anyway, let's go look at dresses and pick one out for you. I didn't know what you'd like, so I took a bit of everything."

"Did you pay for all these?" I asked.

"Yeah right," she snorted. "I probably couldn't even afford half these dresses. No, my mother let me raid the samples at her offices."

"That was nice of her. But I don't think I could fit into any sample sizes," I said.

"Oh don't worry. They get dresses from all types of designers. There's some plus sized dresses there, not that I'm saying you're plus size or anything," she quickly added. "But you know how the samples are mostly made for stick thin models, and anything over a size 2 is considered--"

"Mel, shut up before you go digging a bigger hole for yourself," I laughed.

Mel smiled at me, relieved that she hadn't offended me. "Right, so let's get to the dresses. I was thinking about this one," she said pulling out a fire engine red halter top dress with a long slit up the front.

"Definitely not," I said shaking my head.

"Why not? I think it'd look sexy on you. You've got killer boobs and legs--"

I held up my hand to cut her off. "I'm not trying to look like a skank. It's too loud and too attention grabbing."

"What's wrong with that?" she asked.

"Is this the first time you've met me? You know I hate to be in the spotlight. Let's just pick a dress that'll help me blend into the background."

Mel looked like she was ready to argue, but I turned around and started going through the racks of dresses. I pulled out a nice floor length black silk dress with long sleeves and a conservative neckline.

"This one isn't so bad," I said, holding it up against my body.

Mel dismissed it with a wave of her hand. "You can't wear black; you've got to wear color."

"Then why do you have black dresses here if I'm not supposed to wear them? And why, exactly, can't I wear black?"

"Because you always wear black. It's so boring, you need to try something different," she said.

Before I could respond, she had already pulled out another bright colored dress and held it up in front of me. "This one would really look good on you. Plus the color's not as loud as the red," she said.

I looked over the electric teal taffeta gown with rouching at the bodice, and grimaced. There was no way in hell I would be caught out in public wearing something so hideous. I almost couldn't believe that an actual designer made that dress. It looked like it belonged in the bargain bin of the Goodwill.

After some more arguing and eye rolls, we finally settled on a royal blue organza gown with a full skirt and crystal encrusted lace top that was cinched at the waist with a thick silk band. It wasn't my normal style, and I was concerned about the flimsy lace top supporting my bust, but in the end, I was too tired to try on any more gowns. I was exhausted, and the evening hadn't even started yet.

Thankfully, the rest of the preparations didn't take as long as the dress selection. Jose quickly did my hair in a simple chignon bun and applied a minimal amount of makeup. I think he purposely did a half assed job because he was still mad about my interference with Mel, but I didn't mind. I realized there really wasn't much he could work with. My glasses took up most of the real estate on my face so even if he had wanted to really go to town, it'd all be wasted. Anything he applied on my eyes would be magnified ten-fold, which even I knew was a bad look.

Finally after hours of preparation, Mel and I were ready to leave. She had rented a limo to us take up the half a block to the arrival line. I didn't even have the energy argue that it was stupid and we'd probably get there faster if we walked. Apparently some things just weren't done, according to Mel. My nerves were already frayed and my patience was at an all time low, so I just keep my mouth shut and tried to brace myself to make it through the evening without snapping someone's head off.

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