In Love With My Personal Assistant

By: Audrey Tolhouse

 (Millionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance, Comedy Romance Book 2)

Chapter One

Game On

Declaring love for an employee is never a good idea. If that employee is the personal assistant that has been at your beck and call for the past five years while you completely took her for granted, well then, suddenly, the phrase “bad idea” seems like a pale understatement in retrospect.

Oh, don’t forget to add in the fact that the declaration of love was made after she already began a fledging relationship. Now you really have a recipe for disaster. To make matters worse, that new love interest in said personal assistant’s life is actually the new investing partner to a firm, which is rapidly pushing towards billionaire worth.

That, dear friends, was the situation of James Melone.

It didn’t look good. At all. In fact, it was bad. But what could he say? When James Melone rose and looked in the mirror each morning, he didn’t see what other people saw when they looked at themselves.

He was James Melone, and he got what he wanted—that’s who he was and it was what he did. People didn’t dare tell him he couldn’t have what he set his sights on—and he wasn’t even really that type of guy.

Was he a millionaire? Yes. And unlike Andrew Wiles, the newest and first partner—ever—to Melone Group, he had to work for every cent and penny. He earned a quarter of his worth from making timely investments in fledging technological startups and day trading his subsequent profits once his investment capital came vested and he could cash in.

His personal specialty, however, was in the technology aspect of the future of business. He consulted with businesses on going statewide and national with technology and innovation. He helped them break their own records and soar for marks they didn’t even realize were possible.

He opened a ton of doors that would have previously remained barred shut—doors his clients couldn’t even dream of knowing had even existed until he was able to help them break through their own ceilings into the larger playing field of their industry.

He was damned good at what he did—and Jennifer Rhodes only made him better. It’s funny. When you’re a hardworking businessman building an empire, you rarely stop to think about those helping you make it to the top. You just do. You rise every day and fall every night having covered miles of terrain with a single leap.

That’s what he did. He wasn’t on autopilot, but on overdrive for the past three years. When he allowed himself to slack a bit, Jennifer had pulled through and covered the workload like it was her mission to help him succeed. And she did.

Of course, he was sure he could have gotten there without her help, but they made a damned good team. She knew it too. The fact that she was gorgeous was another benefit. But James had never been too keen on office relationships.

He’d seen other friends go down that same trail and he had never been convinced that it was a wise thing for him and Jennifer to explore; but, that doesn’t mean the thought never crossed his mind. It had, several times, in fact. That’s why he searched so readily for a steady girlfriend to fill that emptiness in his life.

He had been close once or twice to acting on his feelings with Jennifer, if he were being completely honest. Fear kept him in check though. He had to refocus and keep his mind in the game.

When Jennifer first came to him, she was involved in some sort of spotty relationship. It often left her depressed at work and a little depressing to be around. He didn’t understand why a raw beauty like her would stay with someone who kept her upset most of the time.

Then again, when James thought of himself, he really couldn’t answer that question either. Isn’t that what Katie, the last love of his life had done? It wasn’t all bad. Katie was an incredible woman—it was just in all the opposite ways when compared to Jennifer.

Jennifer was a woman whose needs aligned with his own. He’d be lying if he refused to believe that it didn’t play a significant role in his interest with Jennifer. It was an incredible feeling to have a member of the opposite sex rooting for you like Jennifer had always done.

James didn’t understand it. He wasn’t some relationship psychologist. He was just an alpha male who wasn’t shy of going for what he wanted.

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