Nights of Sin

By: Sam Crescent

 (The Bad Boy Collection Book 3)

Chapter One

Alexa Evans stared at the man as he commanded the attention of his audience. She only knew his first name, Corey, which didn’t sound all that interesting, but he always held her attention. She had been coming to the exclusive sex club for the past month, ever since her friend had taken her on that first night. She’d wanted to do something radical to change the way she was living life. She was twenty-nine years old, bored with life, and hoping for something to give her a little excitement.

Never in her wildest dreams would she imagine being in a sex club, watching one smoking hot guy as he played with another woman. What fascinated her was he never took the same woman twice. Corey fucked who he liked, when he liked, and he didn’t get into fights for who he wanted.

Sipping at her beer, Alexa stayed by the bar, running the bottle across her bottom lip, wishing she was the woman who was currently sucking Corey’s cock. She’d never be that woman, nor would she ever have men panting for a chance to be inside her. Glancing around the club, she saw that she was the only size sixteen woman there. Her best friend who’d brought her to the club had also been really slender. Alexa had never been slender in her life, always struggling with her weight, and with fitting in.

Her fascination with Corey concerned her.

Nothing was ever going to come of it, and she didn’t stalk him away from the club. No. She only watched him at the club. The club didn’t have a name, and it wasn’t well known. There were only a few select people who could visit the club, and of course you had to pay good money. Her friend had invited her as the club was having a special evening where members could take a friend or lover.

Alexa shouldn’t have come, but she’d loved being in the dimly lit room where she watched all kinds of decadent happenings. This wasn’t a BDSM club even though it had a part where people could play a little. She hadn’t made friends with anyone, and wasn’t interested in making any. Becca, who’d invited her, didn’t even know that she’d been a regular at the club since.

She watched as Corey wrapped the woman’s hair around his fist and pumped his dick into her mouth. There was no remorse, or any waiting around. Corey took what he wanted, and she found herself mesmerized by his moves.

“Beautiful, isn’t he?”

Alexa turned to see a guy was leaning against the bar near her. She hated being caught staring, so her cheeks heated. Staring at her beer she didn’t know what to say. She had been watching the show, and now she had to talk to another man.

“He certainly draws the eye,” she said. Her cheeks were on fire.

Stop being embarrassed.

“I’m Nathan,” the man said.

“Alexa.” She shook the hand he offered.

“I’ve noticed you’ve become a bit of a regular here.”

She forced a smile. Being at the club gave her privacy, but this man was doing nothing but invading hers.

Looking toward Corey, she felt ridiculous in her obsession, and stood. “It was nice to meet you.”

“Maybe you’d like to play?” Nathan asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Becca brought you here as her plus one. Surely she told you what went on here.”

“I know it’s open to everything—”

“Babe, we find likeminded people, and we fuck. There are no rules other than the normal, sane, consensual, and legal. There aren’t partners here generally, and if there are, they’re here more than willingly.”

“I know that.”

“Then if you want to play, I’d be more than happy to show you.”

He held his hand out, and her heart raced. Did she want to go with him? She’d not explored anymore of the club other than the main room. There was enough going on around her that she’d not needed to go looking for anything else.

After another quick glance behind her at Corey, she mentally shook herself.

“I’d like a tour, nothing else.”

“I’m more than happy to give you that.”

She placed her hand within his, and he led her away from the main room. The club was a large building, much like a hotel. She had been granted a large inheritance from her grandparents, which was why she could afford the money to give her access to the club.

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