Return of the Bad Boy

By: Jessica Lemmon

He was a beautiful, beautiful, sexy beast of a man, but that wasn’t the only reason why she liked being with him. Asher pushed her. Encouraged her to let go, to give in, to stop, at least for a little while, trying to control every tiny detail of her life. When she was with him, she could be present in the moment. As present as he was with her now.

His fist wound in her hair and on her next upward sweep, he tugged her mouth off his cock. She licked her lips, arms still locked around his thighs, his leg hair tickling her breasts.

“Get your very fine ass up here and ride me.” He gave her a lopsided smile, an irresistible tilt she couldn’t deny.

Since she and Asher had imploded a little over two years ago, she’d been with other guys. And she knew he hadn’t kept his hands (or any of his other body parts) to himself since she quit him cold turkey after the Jordan Disaster. But now that they were here and they were naked and she’d had him in her mouth and he’d had his mouth all over her…

God. She wanted him. Still. No matter what the truth or their past entailed.

She vowed to just be here in this beautiful moment, take her release, give him his, and move the hell on. Tomorrow she’d reinstate her “no personal stuff with Asher” rule and they could go back to the way things were. Only she’d be a little more relaxed having achieved an orgasm that was better than “okay.”

No guy made her feel the way Asher did—out of control but in it, safe while taking a risk. He was a portrait of opposing forces, and for the moment, he was all hers.

Gloria crawled to meet him, sliding up his lean, muscular body. His chest and arms were inked, but she didn’t take the time to trace the patterns of his tattoos. Instead she focused on the lazy smile resting on his lips as she straddled his thighs. His fingers found her center and stroked, but there was no need to get her ready. Turning him on had turned her on and right now—in this bed, at this hour—getting turned on was all that mattered. She couldn’t let anything else matter. Not if she wanted to go back to business as usual tomorrow.

He gripped her hips instead. “Slow, Sarge.”

Sarge. The nickname came about because Ash insisted she “barked orders” at him whenever she had her “agent” hat on. He’d never let it go and she secretly liked that he’d kept referring to her as such, even though they weren’t together any longer. Or maybe not so secretly. She suspected he knew how much she liked it.

He made short work of rolling on a condom and lined the head of his cock with her entrance. She held her breath as he slid deep, and threw her head back, a gasp leaving her lips. She hadn’t forgotten how great he felt, but she had tried. Oh, how she’d tried. The last thing she’d needed after he’d wronged her was to remember what she’d be missing. Now there was no denying it.

Pushing onto her knees, she lifted off him and came back down, taking each of his nine inches—that rumor was one hundred percent true. She continued riding him, pressing her breasts together with the sides of her arms and resting her hands on his chest.

“That’s it, honey.” His eyes slid to half-mast, focused squarely on her swaying breasts. “Fuck me. Fuck me.” His command was more of a plea, and Gloria felt her lips curl into a smile. She liked having control over him. In the constant play for who would end up on top, this time it was her. Literally.

He took some of that control a moment later, sliding his hand from her hip to her lower back, his long fingers draped along the cleft of her ass as he drove her down onto him again. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations assaulting her body. The way she tingled from head to toe. The way her mind blanked and welcomed the oblivion; the rare moment when all she did was feel and not think.

Utter bliss.

“Give me your eyes,” he said, his voice low and deep and broken.

“No,” she breathed, keeping them closed.

She didn’t want to connect in any way other than the obvious. Nothing beyond the slippery penetration that would give them each what they needed. An orgasm. Anything more was…dangerous.

His hand smoothed around her ass and at his next thrust, he anchored her to him, preventing her from moving. “Yes.”

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