Taken by Moonlight

By: Violette Dubrinsky

When Cadan refused to open his eyes like his sister, Conall touched his cheek and waited. Yellow was the color that greeted him, moments before Cadan’s face grew fire-truck red and bunched up as he prepared to scream. Conall shook his head and lifted a finger to his lips.

“No.” Cadan would soon have to learn to respect his father and alpha. Now was the best time to start. The baby settled quite grudgingly, closing his eyes as Conall smiled. Wolf. His son was like him, at least partially.

Turning around, he moved back over to the mother of his children and gently settled beside her. Carefully, he slipped an arm around her and placed his face against her neck. She sighed and moved closer to him.

Did you figure out what they are?

The question surprised him, as he’d thought she was sleeping. He lifted his head and looked down at her. Her eyes opened slightly, revealing tired golden orbs, before she closed them again.


What are they?

Perfect. He nuzzled her, before laying his head against the pillow and staring at her profile. They’re perfect, alainn.

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