Taken by Moonlight

By: Violette Dubrinsky

She tugged the blindfold from her eyes and blinked to readjust her gaze.

“Why didn’t you go with her?” Cassie was screaming at one of her friends. “You should have told me. God, she’s been gone for two hours! She’s probably lost somewhere or God forbid—no, I am not going to think of that. I would know if something bad happened to Viv. Come on, we need more flashlights and why can’t I ever get a damn signal when I really need it?”

Pushing to her feet, Vivienne lightly dusted the dirt and leaves from her sweat pants. How had she gotten here? She remembered the man named Conall picking her up and then she was sitting on the ground, propped against a tree.

Rubbing her hand over her face, and thinking that the night had been strange, to put it lightly, she walked toward her sister’s gradually rising voice.


“Oh yes! Please…harder. Ahh! Conall, yes!”

Samia was on all fours and Conall was behind her, hips plunging forward as he remembered honey-colored eyes, soft, plump lips, and a lithe frame. She wasn’t his type at all. She was human, for Luna’s sake, but he’d wanted her. He’d wanted to strip her bare and take her on the forest floor, under the moonlight. Especially when she’d fallen asleep in his arms, and had snuggled close as he sped through the trees toward the campsite. As he watched her sleep, he’d thought of all the things he could do to the body hidden under those clothes. He’d been so affected at the images that after making sure she was safe with her sister and friends, Conall returned to the campsite ready for a night of debauched sex that would soothe his beast.

Vivienne. That was what she’d been called by her sister after she stepped onto the campsite. As Conall stared at them, he saw the similarities—twins—but he also easily caught the little differences that made him ache for Vivienne and left him unaffected staring at her twin. Her face was slightly fuller, although still thin and small, delicate, and although obviously frightened about her trek through the forest, she’d spent most of the time comforting her sister. She’d even interjected humor into the situation, causing her sister and their friends to laugh. And she had a beautiful smile, beautiful lips, beautiful throat….

He felt Samia ripple around him, screams and growls escaping her, but he continued on, pumping furiously as he felt himself grow larger. Samia moved beneath him, groaned and pushed back, trying to take all of him into her body. One hand gripped her hip as the other moved to her shoulder, holding her firm. There were things he intended to do only with his mate, and pinning was one of them. Samia knew that. It was the way of their people, a joining too intimate to be done with just anyone, but she seemed to forget the more he took her. He continued to move against her, careful not to press too viciously, lest he be pinned. His release was fast and quick, and as he came, an image of the human female pushed to the forefront of his mind.

Conall moved away from Samia and lay on his back, placing a hand behind his head as he stared up at the dark stone ceiling of the cave. She immediately crawled next to him, wrapping her arms and legs about his body as she pressed her head into his shoulder.

Without acknowledging her, Conall closed his eyes and steadied his breathing. He thought of the human and the effect that she’d had on him, quickly forgetting that Samia slept beside him.


The next day found Vivienne true to her word as she trekked down the mountainous state park to where she’d parked her silver Toyota Hybrid. Today was her birthday, and she was going home to take a long shower, sleep for a few hours, and go out with her best friends, Max and Drew. She hadn’t gotten any real sleep last night, especially with the eventful night she’d had, and to top it off, Cassie had drilled her about her whereabouts, and had launched into a monologue of how much she’d miss Vivienne if anything were to happen to her. Vivienne loved her sister, and listened to Cassie as they cuddled together at the age of twenty-three, just as they’d done when they were younger. She’d been really tired, but every time her eyes closed, Cassie would nudge her or pinch her lightly, anything to keep her awake until Cassie grew tired and they both finally had a few hours of rest.

She’d ended up waking when her sister moved, then stretched and left the tent. It was frigid, colder in the morning than it had been last night. As soon as Vivienne was standing and thinking coherently, she wasted no time. She rinsed her mouth with some bottled water, hugged her sister while they exchanged birthday wishes, and after some minutes of talking to her sister and her friends, she had them lead her to the trail that would take her down the mountain, to indoor plumbing and electricity!

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