The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Ohhhh fuck, little girl,” groaned the big man, his head thrown back, eyes closed as I deep-throated him. “Fuck, you’re good.”

And that only made me try even harder. Experimentally, I began bobbing my head up and down while my hand played with his balls, the mighty shaft running up and down my throat, visibly going into my esophagus. And it felt so good, was so arousing, that after a minute or two the big man’s balls seized in my hands, going higher and tighter before he creamed.

“FUUUUUCK!” he roared, not caring if people outside heard. Hopefully there was no one around and the hallways were deserted. “Fuuuuck!” he ground out again, the sperm spurting down my throat in great gusts, lash after lash of hot white shooting down to my stomach, filling me up with the most amazing liquid I’d ever tasted, salty, sweet, and oh so delicious. And as his dick bucked and twitched inside of me, the most amazing thing happened. I came. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a virgin and this was the dirtiest scenario I’ve ever been in, or if because Mr. Phillips was so sexy, so arresting that it drove me over the edge, but I orgasmed right there, on my knees at his feet with his cock in my mouth.

“Uummmph!” I squealed as the tremors overtook me, my little body shaking, my boobs heaving up and down as my pussy clenched. “Ummph! Umpph!” I screamed through the piece of man meat in my mouth.

And the big man’s eyes popped open. Was it true? Was I really coming just from having his dick in my mouth? But the brain is the body’s most sensitive organ and the sensuousness of the situation coupled with my naiveté made it happen. My pussy was on fire, clenching and spasming, wishing for a dick inside while my breasts bobbled up and down as I rode the roller coaster of lust to an amazing climax. I shivered, shook, my cunt pulsing, creaming hard, leaving a wet spot on the floor of the classroom, a pool of my female nectar.

And after we both calmed, I took a deep breath through my nose, squeezing his balls with soft fingers as the big man withdrew from my mouth.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, watching with avid eyes as the mighty pole exited from my pink lips, inch after inch of glossy meat reappearing, still big, still semi-hard.

And I gasped once he was out, choking slightly, hacking a little.

“Oh god,” I coughed, “oh god.”

The big man was next to me in a flash, crouched on the ground.

“You okay little girl?” he stroked my cheek, then my haunches, running his big fingers over the smooth ivory.

And I shot him a smile, my mouth dry.

“You- you’re … really … big,” I whispered, my throat still sore, my lips cracked and stretched after the exercise they’d gotten.

And the alpha male just dropped a kiss on my shoulder before standing, his dick dripping, not bothering to hide the evidence of his lust.

“I know,” he grinned at me. “Ready to go again?”

And despite the soreness, the achiness, I felt a tingle start up in my pussy … because I wanted Mr. Phillips, bad.



There’s nothing so good as seeing a girl well fucked, sated and well-fed at your feet. Because that’s what Evie was. Her curves glistened under the light, her breasts rising and falling with short pants as she wiped at her lips, the remnants of cum leaving a faint smear on her chin and cheek, the sperm that had escaped.

And I’d never seen someone so astonishingly beautiful. The brunette was sweet yet wicked at once, tantalizing with that good girl image but fuck! She’d just gotten naked in a darkened classroom and sucked my dick, obediently getting on her knees and draining me of every last drop, milking me until there was nothing left to give.

And the amazing thing was that she’d come too. I hadn’t touched her, hadn’t petted her kitty, hadn’t stroked those beautiful breasts, hadn’t slipped my tongue into her ass. The only part of us melded together had been my cock in her mouth, and it’d been enough to make her orgasm, the excitement of a mouthful of man meat, the headiness of incredible oral enough to drive her over the edge.

And it’d been an amazing sight, the little brunette coming with my dick in her mouth, her eyes rolling up in her head, her body seizing and trembling as her cunt gave it up, that little snatch pulsing, her nips beating with the arousal. And it just made me spurt more, each pump of sperm longer and harder than the one before, pushing all of my semen into her body, the essence of man dripping down her throat.

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