The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

But I wasn’t done with her yet. Oh no, the image of the kumquat danced before me and I rolled the little fruit in my fingers now.

“Want a taste?” I rumbled deeply, not bothering to put my cock back in my pants.

The girl stood up, wobbling in her heels, completely nude and god, I was stiff again just looking at her. Those big boobies, the narrow waist, and the wetly dripping cunt … I couldn’t help it.

But I wanted to leave her with something to remember, something to play with. So I beckoned for her to come closer.

And the girl wobbled towards me, still unsteady from her orgasm like a newborn colt.

“Mr. Phillips?” she sighed breathily. I took a hand in each of mine and put those little fingers gently on my shoulders for balance. It seemed to help, Evie was a little steadier and that was good because I was about to bring her in for another wild ride.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I reached two fingers down to lightly tease her pussy lips, massaging her puffy labia, dipping slightly between the glossy folds, her swollen flesh hot and steamy. She writhed and moaned, tossing her head back, eyes closed.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” I murmured. “Let me see.”

And with two fingers, I pulled her pussy lips back to gaze at her snatch, that beautiful interior channel on display. The brunette was bright pink on the insides, sopping wet and glistening, and my mouth watered at the sight, her hole dripping with juices, her clit standing straight up and begging for a kiss.

So I did. I dipped my head and pressed a kiss to her clit, lightly brushing my lips over that sensitive nub, the bundle of nerves so sensitive and tasty. And Evie immediately screamed, throwing her head back, her legs turning to jelly and practically collapsing. Fortunately I caught her before it happened, bringing the brunette up against my big chest and cradling her in my arms before placing her on my desk, helping her stretch out and get comfortable.

“Let’s get rid of these,” I ground out and with one big sweep, a stack of papers was pushed through the floor. Fuck it, there were more important things than grading right now.

And the girl writhed and sighed, nude and spread out on my desk, playing with her nips, one hand sliding down to rub her clit.

“No, baby girl,” I reprimanded, pulling her small hand away, “that’s for me.”

Because I’d pulled her hips to the edge of the desk so that her butt was perched right on the ledge, and spread her legs, holding those meaty thighs apart, her kitty wet and on full display. And without waiting a moment more, I dove in. I lapped that beautiful cunt, tasted her juice on my lips, drank her ambrosia, tracing every crevice, every curve with my tongue. And the girl creamed and gushed more, crying out my name.

“Stone, Stone!” she gasped. “More!”

And I was only too happy to oblige. I pulled her plush pussy lips apart with my fingers and angled my head for a deeper dive, pushing my tongue deep into her snatch, up that tight channel. And that’s when I felt it. My tongue flicked against a rubbery barrier in that pretty pussy, unbroken and whole, and completely unexpected.

Pulling back immediately, I raised my head and shot the girl a stunned look.

“Really?” I rasped. “Really?”

And Evie knew exactly what had happened. Her knees slammed shut and her face colored, the blush spreading entrancingly over those beautiful breasts, her chin quivering.

“Mr. Phillips,” she whispered. “I didn’t know … I didn’t know you could lick my hymen.”



My secret was out. My embarrassing, humiliating secret had been discovered in the most embarrassing, humiliating way. Because how many eighteen year old virgins exist? I was probably the only one alive, the only girl who’d never had her cherry popped.

I dunno, I just never found the right guy, never found a man I wanted to be with. Like I said, until last year hardly any guys even noticed me, I was so boy-like and flat. And the few dates that I did go on were completely uninteresting, in fact they kind of turned me off the male sex. One guy had been like a slavering dog, his kiss had drenched me in saliva and I was grossed out, it was so smelly and disgusting.

And another guy had had a really high pitched voice, like an Oompa Loompa who’d inhaled helium for fun. I don’t mean to be crazy picky but it wasn’t my thing, and it crossed my mind that maybe he had some kind of hormonal disorder that I’d never heard of.

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