The Stillness Of You

By: Julie Bale

So, I saw the worry, but I also saw the warning.

Stay away, G. He’s mine.

Ben glanced between the two of us. “I was just talking to your girlfriend about her art.”

Wait. What?

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Matt murmured turning back to Ben. “She’s my sister.”

“Oh.” Ben dark gaze rested on me for a second. Or maybe it was two. However long it was, it was enough time to kick start my heart and that delicious, warm, feeling flooded my stomach, settling low in my belly. That delicious, warm feeling that had abandoned me ages ago.

Wow. He was pretty damn potent to wring that kind of reaction from poor old medicated me. Though I supposed a physical reaction to someone like Ben Lancaster was a good thing. It meant that there were parts of me that weren’t dead.

I glanced at Matt—who was frowning in my direction—and sighed.

It was those parts of me that he was afraid of, and if I’d learned anything from the last year and a half, I should be more than a little scared of it myself. When I went off, the sky was the limit.

No, that wasn’t true either. When I went off, there was no limit and when there was no ceiling above you, there sure as hell wasn’t anything soft to catch you when you fell.

“Yes, she’s my little sister,” Matt said again—emphasizing the little part—before moving toward the kitchen. “She’s off limits, Lancaster.”

Ben laughed, as if he thought Matt was kidding, but he’d have to be an idiot not to catch the underlying warning in my brother’s words.

“She doesn’t look so little to me, but I get where you’re coming from. I’ve got a couple sisters of my own.”

I glanced away, biting my lip.

I bet they’re not as fucked up as I am.

Chapter Three


There was something about Matt’s sister. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly, but it was there. Some invisible ‘thing’ she had, an energy or state of being.

Whatever it was, it had my interest and—as I watched her take a sip of iced tea—I realized that whatever the hell that invisible thing was I wanted it. I wanted her.

Simple as that. I. Wanted. Her.

Georgia King. Sister to one of my coaches. How fucking inconvenient.

The fact that I was even considering the possibility of Georgia was insane. Matt had already lifted his leg and pissed all over that idea. He didn’t want his sister involved with one of his guys. I got that. He probably thought it could problems and he was probably right.

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t look. And maybe fantasize a bit.

She swallowed the iced tea and her tongue darted out to slide along the inside corner of her mouth. Fucking Hell. Okay, I could fantasize a lot.

For a second I let my mind wander to what I’d seen when I had first walked into Matt’s place. She had been in front of the window, her back to me, and her perfect ass on display in a pair of panties that cupped those sweet cheeks like a treasure.

Her body rocked in a way I hadn’t seen in a while because most of the women I met were hard bodies. All they did was workout and pretend to eat while filling up on protein shakes, plates of greens and not much else.

Playing professional hockey didn’t leave a hell of a lot of time for relationships—not that I was looking—and most of the women I met during the season were nothing but high end puck bunnies. I’d spent the first three years of my professional hockey career in LA playing for the Kings. Trust me, most of the girls who hung around the team were there for one reason only—they wanted to have sex with a hockey player and if they were really lucky, they might even get to date the guy for a while.

They were usually blonde and stacked. Stacked with overly large, overly fake tits that while I could appreciate on some level (who the hell didn’t enjoy those things bouncing in their face as some blonde rode you like it was an Olympic sport,) at the end of the day they weren’t real. And neither were the hookups. They were about gratification and a good time.

But this girl with her sweet ass, petite build and breasts that were definitely real, had my mind going south and my dick hard. And that was a problem because she was Matt’s sister. There was a code. A guy code and he’d already thrown down.

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