A Bad Boy for Christmas

By: Jessica Lemmon

Life didn’t heed plans and dates. Life went on, and left whomever it pleased behind in the wreckage.

The memory caused her heart to ache, and her gut to yearn for what could have been. She flicked her eyes heavenward and sent up a mental, Sorry, Rae.

“Can I go inside?” Lyon pulled away from her and grabbed the handle on her sliding door.

“Knock yourself out,” she answered. “One more hug, though.” He acquiesced, giving her a halfhearted squeeze. She’d take what she could get. Soon, he’d be at an age where he wouldn’t snuggle with her any longer and she thought that might be the day she started crying and never stopped.

Evan pushed out of his casual lean, uncrossed his inked arms, and stomped up the three steps separating her from him. “Missed you, Ace.”

Him being close made her feel better instantly. “Missed you, too.”

He slid the door aside and motioned for her to go in, but when he ran a hand through his shaggy, mussed bedhead, she felt her heart kick against her chest in the slightest show of appreciation.

And for that, she should be ashamed.

Sorry, Rae.

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