A Billion Vendettas

By: Jessa York

My stomach wanted to empty itself all over him. “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?”

He grinned at me. “Ah, but I’ll have more fun fucking you. After all, we have a baby to make.”

That made me feel even more ill. “You’re a pig,” I said to him in as calm a voice as I could muster. Then, I turned my head toward the window and looked out of it—trying my best to ignore him.

I wondered where in the world this evil man was taking me.

After that, I wondered if Nick and his guys had any hope at all of tracking me.

My guess was probably not.

They hadn’t found me last time, and I was still in the same city.

Now, I was somewhere in the air—leaving absolutely no trail behind.

I heard a noise beside me, then the sound of something being dropped. My head quickly turned to see that Maxim had dumped a shirt and a bag of ice on the seat where he sat.

I looked up at him, and said, “Thanks,” right before I slipped the white T-shirt over my head, and held the ice to my face.

He didn’t respond.

All he did was step across the aisle to a different seat. After he plopped himself down, I heard him yawn loudly.

I wanted to think about what Nick was doing right now.

I wanted to think about what the church full of people were thinking right now.

I wanted to think about how happy I’d been just an hour earlier, daydreaming about our future, and our fairy tale wedding.

Ready—so, so, ready for the next chapter of our lives to begin.

Instead, I locked all of that away.

And I thought about what I needed to do.




* * *

The flowers were perfect.

The church was full.

My groomsmen were beside me, and I could see Beatrice lined up at the entryway to the church—all smiles, and giggles.

The way she’d been for the last few days since we’d had her, and Rachel back home for the wedding.

It was a risk, but we couldn’t have this big wedding without them.

And, in a couple of days, we’d ship them back overseas for safekeeping.

For now, I’d upped their security while they were here.

The house had been buzzing with females doting on Eve, left and right. They made sure her nails were done, and that she had everything ready for the honeymoon.

We’d just come back from Italy, but that wasn’t a real honeymoon.

That was more of a recovery for me—and a re-bonding time for us.

So many things had come against us, I had decided it was time for us to spend time together—without anyone or anything threatening to divide our love or attention.

Eve knew the truth, now.

She knew what life with me would be like.

She’d experienced some of the worst that could happen—and she was still here, by my side.

Well, she would be.


I peeked at my watch again.


Five minutes late.

“Don’t worry, man,” Stefan said, patting my shoulder. “She’s just fashionably late. Have you ever known Eve to be on time for anything?”

I chuckled, and swiveled to him. “Not that I can think of, no.” We both laughed, but it still bothered me that today of all days she wasn’t right on time.

“Yeah, she probably needed to redo her hair or something,” Carlo said, adding in his two cents.

That was definitely something that had happened more than once. Eve would spend forever doing her hair, only to decide immediately after that she hated it.

And then, she’d start over.

“Just wedding day jitters,” Stefan said to his brother, and he was probably right.

I’d always been protective about Eve.

But, since the shooting, my concern had grown.


If Eve hadn’t rolled behind that couch when she did—

Well, we might be having a whole other service in this church today.

Carlo and Stefan had revamped security, and I’d looked at their plans.

They were solid.

Still, I had this sense of unease—this knot in my stomach that just wouldn’t leave.

Wedding day jitters.

I took a deep breath and decided to chalk it up to that.

Carlo was right.

Nothing bad was going to happen.

Eve was just around the corner in a room, waiting to walk down the aisle to me.

In a dress that gave her such a visceral reaction—it had made her weep when she’d first tried it on.

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