A Gentleman in the Street

By: Alisha Rai

His suspicions had been right. Simply verbally sparring with her left him hot and bothered. The instant she’d plastered her body against his, a wildfire had exploded. No amount of taking himself in his hand could douse it.

His cock stirred. Think of something else. Think of anyone else.


That slim, angular body had fit against his perfectly, her toned bottom resting in the cradle of his hips. He could have cupped her breasts, peeled off the semi-sheer shell she wore to reveal the darker bra beneath. Stripped her of the narrow gray skirt and her underwear, until she stood facing his doorway in nothing but those completely impractical blue high heels.

Impractical for roughing it. Completely practical if they were hooked over his shoulders as he drove into her.

Jacob swallowed, his mouth dry.

In his fantasies, after he got Akira naked, his imagination traveled two smutty paths. One in which he tenderly laid her down on a soft surface and made love to her, as he had made love to other women in the past.

One in which he did bad, bad things to her.

Unable to stand the pressure of his cock against his jeans, he squeezed the thickness, wincing at the rough fabric rubbing his sensitive flesh. What deviant scenario could he conjure up this time?

Slipping his cock into her mouth while another man fucked her? Holding her still as a woman licked her between her legs? All while she sobbed in pleasure…

Now you’ve done it.

His teeth sank into his lower lip, and he squeezed his cock harder through his jeans. He’d made the mistake of reading an article a couple of years ago filled with heavy insinuations regarding the secretive house parties she regularly threw. Orgies. Since then, the thought of multiple hands running over her silken flesh had taken over his dreams.

Not this time. They’d been alone at his cabin, isolated. There would be no audience in this fantasy, no other participants, just the two of them.

I could show you all the things I was thinking about doing to you when I was watching you.

She’d been taunting him, but those words had struck him mute and frozen, unable to react when she’d pressed herself against him.

Because he knew she was only spouting nonsense, but that hadn’t quelled his erection. She didn’t know—couldn’t know—what visions had danced through his mind when he’d caught her standing against the tree, watching him with that hot black gaze.

Stripped to the waist, her bare breasts exposed to the sun, nipples tight from the cool air and her arousal.

He squeezed his penis again, but it wasn’t enough. After a quick guilty glance around his empty office, he unfastened his jeans, silently groaning at the relief of pressure.

The instant his palm closed around his cock, his spine tingled, his balls drawing up tight. He was raw from fucking his own fist over the last couple days, but that was what he expected whenever he saw Akira. She made him insatiable, his fantasies spinning out of control, the recovery time between the orgasms he gave himself to work her out of his system abnormally short.

Disgust and lust swirled through him as he followed the perverted path of his desires.

No words were exchanged between them. Her slender wrists were bound with rope and tied to the tree branch above her, her back arched, as if she were presenting her breasts for his perusal. He came closer, and she licked her lips. His hand stroked down her flank, the skin smooth and delicate. So flawless. He pressed his fingers hard against her skin, raising red marks to decorate the pale expanse of her belly.

The zipper of her skirt magically parted, loosening the material so it could fall to the dirty ground. No panties underneath. Just a hot, wet, lickable pussy waiting for him.

Jacob had seen Akira’s breasts before, when she had been drunk and flashed him at his father’s wedding. Though it was years ago, he had an indelible image of those round, firm mounds burned into his brain. Her pussy, he had to use his imagination.

He had a really good imagination. He swallowed, wishing he could wet his dry throat with her juices. Drops of precome seeped from the head of his cock, and he used it to lubricate his palm, so it could slip easier over the steel-hard surface, twisting upward at the sensitive tip.

His hands went to her waist and turned her around, the rope encircling her wrists having enough give to let her face the tree. He brushed her long black hair aside, the silky strands clinging to his fingers, and placed a hot kiss on the side of her neck. When he bit the spot he had just licked, her hips bucked in his hands, grinding back against him. He bit her harder, using his teeth to hold her steady as he undid his jeans and drove into her tight, wet heat, her firm ass cushioning his body as he thrust again and again…

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