A Fated Night

By: Cynthia Dane

Roger laughed uneasily. Lana crossed her arms, drawing attention to her chest and the nametag upon it. Ken’s attention.

“A bunny?” he mused out loud. “You have to be careful with those rabbits, Roger.” He tipped the folder he carried toward the man he addressed. “You know what they say about them in the Chinese Zodiac. Very cunning. Very quick to rip off your balls.” He gave Lana a furtive glance as he and David Bachman walked away. “Conflict avoidant.”

Lana huffed. “I wasn’t even born in the year of the rabbit. Wait. Was I?” She’d have to look it up.

Roger shook his head. “We’re never going to get a dinner with them. Hope you liked any of the other firms here today, Lana. Because Ken Andrews does not seem to be trifled with us.”

“What makes you think that?” Really? Really? After all that? After the burning in her stomach and the possible heartburn making its way up her esophagus? Over a man who was barely as tall as she was… in these heels?

“Because he fancies you, babe.” Roger walked toward the men’s room. “Ken Andrews doesn’t piss his business where he fucks.”

The mere insinuation was insulting! Yet Lana looked back to where Ken Andrews had gone, hoping to catch a glimpse of that confidant stature and gentle gaze. Unfortunately, most of the other men at the conference were either as tall as or taller than him, and he was lost in a haze of black business suits and the rabble of business mixed with pleasure.

Somehow, though… she felt him in that mob. His presence. His attitude. His no-nonsense way of parting a crowd so he could step through. Ken Andrews was somewhere in that mix, and he was not intimidated to be there. Lana could learn a lot from him.

Chapter 2

“You Came To Flirt With Me, Mr. Andrews.”

Ken had his pick of dinner associates. When a man was the head manager of New York’s #1 real estate agency, he could have dinner with almost anyone in the city at a moment’s notice.

He was used to a life of such privilege, however. As the second oldest son of the Andrews’ investment fortune, Ken had been reared to grab life by the balls and squeeze them until money popped out. His father had taught all four Andrews boys to invest, invest, invest. He didn’t care what his sons invested in. Technology. Women. Stocks. As long as their sons were investing – smartly – he could rest easy with the assumption that they could make their own names for themselves and not rely on their millions of dollars’ worth of inheritance. So happened that the second oldest Andrews loved real estate and all it entailed. What better way to start investing than getting into rich, lucrative properties? Sitting, flipping, creating shell properties to boost other, underperforming ones… it was a very real game with even realer consequences. Good thing Ken took it seriously.

As seriously as he took women. Which was why he had forwent spending more than three minutes speaking with Lana Losers, the feminine star of that year’s conference.

He had seen her photos in the magazines and newspapers before. Even online, although Ken tended to avoid the internet outside of checking his investments. Everyone who gave a shit about their business knew who Lana Losers was. Most knew her because she was riding a wave of success… while daring to be a gorgeous blond bombshell. How dare she? Really. She was quite a different specimen in real life, however. Although Ken had recognized her profile when he approached her and Roger Prescott, he hadn’t anticipated the full effect of her face when it turned to him. That darling jawline, button nose, and pair of rosy cheeks… who had time to admire her judicious use of eyeliner and batting eyelashes when a face like that beckoned him? Ken had a weakness for beautiful women. A weakness he could keep in check, but weaknesses were weaknesses, nonetheless.

So he had to walk away as soon as it was socially acceptable to do so. For staying in Lana Losers’ vicinity for much longer may have turned him into a slobbering idiot – and he was better than that.

Besides, he was willing to bet that Lana had dealt with enough sexist bullshit to last her a few lifetimes. He didn’t feel like adding to that because his cock got excited.

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