By: Sarah Curtis

Jack noticed a crowd forming. The last thing he wanted was for this to be in the tabloids. He quickly walked to the exit, Alexis tucked securely at his side, half-supporting half-guiding her.

As he made his way through the hotel to the penthouse elevator, he again pulled out his phone. He dialed his personal assistant, Becky. "Track down Dr. Stevens and send him to my penthouse ASAP."

Alexis moaned and he took more of her weight. "We're almost there, sweetheart. Just hang on a few more minutes."

 They reached the elevator, and once in, out of the prying eyes of the public, he scooped her into his arms. Her eyes were closed, and her head rested on his chest. Her breathing was slow and steady. Her disheveled curls tickled the bottom of his chin as his eyes traveled over her delicate features. Her dark lashes looked incredibly long and thick as they rested against her pale cheeks, and her full lips, shiny and slightly parted, looked damn kissable.

As Jack stared at the beautiful creature in his arms, he noticed his heartbeat raced, and his gut felt tight. He realized he was afraid. In all of his thirty years, he'd never felt fear for another human being before. This woman was doing something to him. He wasn't sure what. All he knew for sure was, he wanted to be the one to protect her, always.

Before he could ponder that uncharacteristic thought more fully, the elevator doors opened into his penthouse suite. He crossed the marble entryway into the living room, flicking on lights as he made his way to the stairs. Once in his bedroom, he carefully laid her on his bed.

The irony was not lost on him that a few days ago this was all he could think about, her in his bed. He wasn't a total saint. He still wanted her in his bed, just under different circumstances. He saw her bag laying on the bed. He opened it, pulling out her ID. He memorized it before putting it back. He noticed her cell phone was lit, indicating a text. Without hesitation, he pulled it out and tapped on the screen.

Steph: I'm waiting by our table Where r u?

Jack scrolled through Alexis's contact list, finding Steph's number. She answered after only one ring. "Where the hell are you? Please tell me you've met some hot looking guy and are about to have some mind blowing sex."

"I assume this is Steph," Jack said, into the phone.

There was a slight hesitation before a barrage of questions. "Who the fuck is this? Where's Alexis? Why do you have her phone?"

"This is Jackson Cole. Your friend was drugged tonight. I've taken her to my penthouse and have called a doctor."

"Drugged? And did you say Jackson Cole? The Jackson Cole, owner of this hotel?"

Jackson held the phone away from his ear as her voice got louder and more shrill with each question. "Yes to all three questions. Now I must get off the line. The doctor should be here momentarily, but I wanted to inform you of her whereabouts."

"Wait! Shouldn't I come get her or something?"

"Alexis will stay here until she awakens. I'll take her home when she fully recovers." Jack ended the call and put her phone back in her bag. The buzzer for the elevator sounded. Jack walked to the wall panel by his bedroom door and hit the talk button. "Jackson."

"Jack, it's Stevens."

"Come on up. I'm in the bedroom," Jack said, hitting the button to send the elevator down.

The doctor did an examination and took some blood. "He probably gave her Rohypnol. I'll know more after I get this tested," Stevens said, holding up the vial before tucking it into his bag. "She should sleep through the night. She'll wake up feeling hungover, but there should be no other ill effects. If she starts acting funny or doesn't wake up by morning, call me."

 Jack walked the doctor out. He made a few phone calls then gave his statement to the police, promising them the lab results by the following day. He turned out the lights downstairs and made his way back to his bedroom. He stared down at the woman asleep on his bed. He memorized every feature of her face, even the tiny freckle by the side of her ear and felt a sense of possession overtake him. He liked seeing her in his bed. No woman had ever slept in his bed before, for sleeping or any other purpose. The penthouse was his home, his sanctuary. He had a suite on another floor that he used when he was in the mood to take a woman home for the night.

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