Bleeding Heart

By: Alannah Carbonneau

He continued. “My men have been expertly placed into your families lives. Keep in mind love, that I knew for two years that I was going to take you. The kind of patience I employed prior to your abduction has invaluable benefit to me now. Your mother works with two of my men - men who were loyal to my parents - who also seek revenge for your father’s actions. Know that they won’t hesitate to act on an order - no matter how devastating.”

With that, Calix leaned forward to slap the laptop closed. The image of Jaylah smiling at that dangerous man made my stomach ache and nausea bubbled up in my throat that I forced to remain down as I pulled in measured breathes.

“How could you do this, Calix?” I whispered. “How could you do this to me and my family? We did nothing wrong.”

“I did nothing wrong when I was forced to attend my parents funeral when I was only a boy. To every action there is a reaction. This is the reaction of your father’s action. This is fate, Nova.”

Looking deep into his blue eyes, I asked. “What will the reaction to your actions be, Calix?”

His lips tightened into a tense line on his face, but his voice was sad. “I am prepared to pay the price of my actions, love.”

Despite the longing I felt inside to fight this action of Calix’s, I nodded. “What do you hope to achieve from this, Calix?”

He narrowed his eyes. “What are you asking?”

“What are you trying to accomplish by making me yours?”

“You already are mine, love.” He said without an ounce of insecurity. “But I know that one day, your father will realize who has taken you, and he will come for you. When he comes, I’ll kill him.”

“You will kill my father?” My voice didn’t even crack.

“Yes.” Calix nodded his certainty.

“You will willingly, consciously, force upon me the same pain you were unfairly forced to live through when your own parents were brought to their death?” This time, I felt the blood rush from my head and I closed my eyes to steady the sudden dizziness. “You will hurt me like that?” I whispered.

I felt his hand close over mine and when I opened my eyes, Calix looked distraught. Maybe I was getting to him. “Yes, Nova. You will feel the pain of his death. But I’ll be here to comfort you.”

Was he so mentally imbalanced that he thought, for even a moment, that I could find comfort in the hands of the man who killed my father?

I didn’t ask him this. Instead, I asked quietly. “Will you release me when you’ve found your revenge against my father?”

He shook his head. “I’ll never release you, love.”

“Why?” I felt no sense of hopelessness in his statement. Hope had long ago fled my body, a long lost love of my heart. Now, I was just curious. “You’ll have gotten all you want. Why not release me? Why not allow me to live my life?”

“You’ll know too much.” He shook his head. “Fate has bound us together, love. As I’ve said before, you’ll learn to want me. You’ll learn to accept this life and all I can offer you - but you’ll never leave me. I will never permit you to leave me, love.”

“Will you tell me then?” I asked into my lap. I couldn’t bring myself to look up into his blue eyes. They were so beautiful - so deceiving. Who ever would have guessed that a monster would wear the eyes of an angel?

“Tell you what?” Calix asked gruffly.

“What happened between your parents and my father - will you explain it to me?”


My eyes flashed up to his. “What?” I frowned. Surely I’d heard him wrong.

“I said no.” He said again. “There are some things better left unsaid.”

“I think I have a right to know.”

“You are my fiancée, Nova. You will be my wife - I will decide what you have a right to know or not to know.”

My mouth dropped. I realized Calix was controlling, but his words were a surprise. I don’t really know why they surprised me, but they did. I’d honestly expected he would brief me on the events of our pasts that led us to this point in our lives right now.

“However, I would like to discuss the fact that you refused, repeatedly, to accept my calls while I was away.”

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