Caught Together

By: Penny Wylder

“I’m sorry,” I manage to say. “I didn’t realize…”

His eyes run up and down my body slowly, and I feel the temperature in the room rise. I wonder if he noticed that I changed. I wonder if he knows—if he thinks—that it’s for him. “That’s all right,” he says. “I was just changing for dinner.”

A sure smile spreads across his face, and I realize that I’ve been staring at him. At his body. My entire face flushes and his smile gets even bigger. It’s a cocky smile, and I realize that he knows. Oh god, he knows that I can’t stop looking at his body, he might know every other thought I’ve had about him, including what it would be like if he crossed the room and kissed me and didn’t stop—

STOP. Geeze, Stella.

I force my eyes off him and onto the floor and see the blankets I dropped, which he made me completely forget about. I bend down to pick them up from the messy tangle they’ve fallen into. “I brought these for you to sleep with—I mean under…To use when you go to bed—” I close my eyes. Is there anything I can possibly say about these blankets that doesn’t sound sexual? I open my eyes, and Trevor is now in front of me. I realize that I’m kneeling in front of him, and my mouth is inches away from what is unmistakably a bulge in his pants. I can tell even through his jeans that he’s huge, and I look up to see that cocky smile still plastered across his face.

Suddenly I’m imagining this situation very differently, and I feel myself get wet.

“I may be able to…help you with those,” he says, looking down towards the blankets.

I snap back into myself and pick them up. “No, that’s all right.” It’s only once I manage to stand back up that I realize what a view down my shirt I gave him. How long has he been here? Half an hour and I’m already a mess. This should be interesting.

Brad walks in behind me and I’m so so glad that he didn’t get the visual of me kneeling in front of his best friend. His hair is wet from the shower, and he pulls open a drawer. “Hey, mom,” he says, “I forgot to tell you that I totally killed the air mattress over fall break. Can Trevor can sleep on the couch?”

“Sure,” I say, looking anywhere but at Trevor’s body, even if I can feel him still looking at me. “I’ll set it up.”

I slip out of the room before I can make any more of a fool out of myself. You would think I’ve never seen a shirtless man before the way I was tripping myself. I need a good slap. I walk into the living room and place the blankets beside the couch. I’ll make up the couch for him after the rest of the family leaves from dinner. We might need it in the meantime.

I look up and see the french doors leading to my bedroom. The doors that are ten feet from this couch. The couch where Trevor will be sleeping. I laugh out loud, to no one, at the irony.

“Something funny?” Trevor enters the living room, now fully clothed.

“Not really,” I say, because the situations that are running through my head where both he and I are naked are the farthest thing from funny.

Another little smile is playing around his mouth, and it’s maddening. It tells me that he’s sees through me and knows too much. “Okay,” he says. “I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay. I know it was unexpected.”

I manage a smile. “Don’t mention it. Like I said, the more the merrier.”

“I also wanted to know,” he says, walking across the room, “what you’d be okay with me calling you. I’ve never been sure. Do you want me to call you Ms. Woodward?” He stops in front of me.

I’d like to tell him that he can call me whatever he damn well pleases, but I resist. “Stella is fine, Trevor.”

He doesn’t say anything, instead just looking at me. I feel like I’m rooted to the spot, and I don’t ever want to move. His eyes are beautiful up close, a pale blue-gray. My face drops to his lips, and I swear I feel him sway towards me. I clear my throat. “How long are you staying?”

“As long as you’ll let me,” he says, and I feel my breath catch. There’s a moment when I think he’s not talking about Christmas break, and my traitor heart picks up its pace at the thought. “I’ll go back to school with Brad.” I nod.

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