Claiming Addison

By: Zoey Derrick

“Is that gonna be too much on her?” he asks.

I snort. “No, she’s already doing it and what little Kate did on show nights can honestly be covered either by myself or by Eddie. It’s not a big deal, though Eddie might want more money.” I laugh.

“We don’t pay Eddie now.”

“That’s my point. Thought it might be something to discuss with the guys. Eddie busts his ass around the venues. Might want to make it official.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll think about it. Anything else?” he asks, which is what I was waiting for.

“I don’t know whether to tell you now or wait for Addison.”

He gives me that look like I’ve lost my mind and I know I have because that’s hot. “Well, you seem to be better at convincing her than I can. So I’ll tell you then you can tell her.”

“Tell me what.” Busted.

“Nothing.” I look up and fall to my knees, yes, I’m being dramatic, but fuck me.

“Fuck me!” Talon breathes harshly.

Addison blushes but does a twirl around and I blink rapidly.

“You’re damn lucky we have to go,” I growl at her.

She’s wearing the open back purple number, skin tight black skinny jeans accented by the purple Louboutins. “Come on, it’s not that…”

“Shut up,” Talon growls playfully at her. “You’re fucking gorgeous.” He turns to me. “We need to get out of here before we rip that off of her.”

“Down, boys,” she says very commandingly and something about the way she does it is very settling to me. Talon too. “So what are you not telling me?” She looks very pointedly at me.

I can’t deny her anything. “They want 69 Bottles in New York the day after the Boston show.”

“We’re already going to be there for a week.” She scrunches her eyebrows at me, puzzled.

“Yes, but we have Sunday through the first show on Thursday as down time, it is the only significant down time we have until the tenth week. Which is being cut short by Denver.”

“So why New York?” Talon asks, moving me along.

“Because they refuse to wait any longer than that to put the two of you in the studio for ‘Your Eyes’.”

“No fucking way,” Talon balks with excitement.

Addison rolls her eyes. “They’re never going to give up, are they?”

“Hey, you should be lucky they’re letting you wait that long.”

“Why?” She asks.

“Because ‘Your Eyes’ is currently sitting at number one on Billboard,” I say with a big ass fucking grin on my face. Talon on the other hand is stunned stiff. Addison collapses onto the couch in front of her desk.

“I bet they’re disappointed it’s only Talon singing,” she teases.

I smile. “Probably, which is why the label wants you in the studio as soon as possible. They’re emailing a contract to Cami, I have no doubt that she will discuss it with you tonight.” She nods her understanding and we both stare at Talon who hasn’t moved.

“Hey, big man.” Addison says getting up from the couch and going to stand in front of him. “Hey there,” she says when she falls into his line of sight. “You with me?” She waits for a reply and doesn’t get one. “Talon, baby, look at me.” I watch his eyes shift. “Hi there, big guy. How you doing?”

“I, fuck, did he really just say what I thought he said?” Talon squeezes out on one breath.

“Which part, baby? The recording or the Billboard ranking?”


“Yes, Talon. 69 Bottles has a number one hit.”

Just like that he unfreezes, scooping her up into his arms, wrapping them tightly around her midsection. She winces in pain because he’s got her right on the ribs. “Ow! Baby, you’re amazing and I’m so proud of you, but ow.”

“Shit shit shit, I’m sorry, I, fuck, are you okay?” He looks so flustered, a first for Talon.

She laughs. “I’m fine. Let’s go tell the boys.”

She tugs him toward the door. “No.” He stops her. “I’ll clear it with Cami, but I want to tell them tonight at dinner.”

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