Claiming Addison

By: Zoey Derrick

“What concert are you going to?”

Huh? I look at Cami, “What?”

“What concert?”

“Oh, um 69 Bottles.” Both Cami and Trinity giggle. “What’s so funny?”

“Well, here is what I am going to suggest. Because I feel awful about forcing you to cancel your plans, I have no doubt that you can give your girlfriends a better vacation,” Cami says. “I will give your girlfriends my plane to San Diego, along with a rental car. Assuming you’d planned on driving down?” She looks at me for confirmation and I nod. I’m more than a little confused. “But, you will have to leave your girlfriends in San Diego after the concert.”

I want to scream in frustration because they’re being so evasive about what it is that I’m going to be doing, or why I am going to be doing it. Trinity stands up from behind her desk, pulling my attention away from Cami’s pacing. In her hand she has a rather thick envelope and a bag, similar to my own. “Inside you will find all the details for your assignment.”

I desperately want to roll my eyes at her deflection. “What exactly is the assignment?”

“On Thursday at 11:00 a.m., we need you on a tour bus headed for San Diego, you’ll be kicking off the start of a twelve week nationwide road tour.”

Twelve weeks, starting Thursday. The puzzle pieces start clicking into place. “For who?” I ask, despite the fact that I think I know the answer to the question, but I need confirmation.

“69 Bottles,” Cami answers.

After learning the details of my assignment, I leave her office and immediately slump back against the wall. I’m trying desperately to catch my breath before heading toward the elevator. I’m not normally one to get nervous about much of anything, but I’ll be damned, I’m ridiculously nervous about this. Sure, I’m a fan of 69 Bottles. I love their music, but I know nothing about them. Let alone much of what they look like or what has been made of their reputation. I can’t let this opportunity slip through my fingers.

After a few deep breaths, I finally manage to compose myself enough to leave the hallway. I straighten my jacket, thank god for it because I was sweating bullets in there. I walk toward the elevator, ignoring Raine. I have my bag and the new messenger bag slung over my shoulder. The envelope in my hands is pressed tight to my chest like a bulletproof vest.

My phone rings interrupting my packing. “Addison,” I answer, like always.

“Hey chica, you can save the speech. I already talked to Jess and she told me you’re bailing on us again.”

“Oh come on, Sam, I am not…”

“Don’t worry, it’s cool. I just thought that since we were so close you might actually get away with being able to take your vacation this time,” Sam says into the phone but I can tell she’s disappointed.

“Listen, I’m still waiting on final details, but my boss’s boss is arranging for you and Jess to fly down to SD and have a rental car. I will meet you guys there and we will still be able to do the concert and then you guys can head back to the beach house,” I tell her.

“Yeah, it just sucks.”

I give the phone a half smile. “On the plus side, when I’m done with this tour, I will be getting an entire month off. I will figure out how to make it up to you both.”

“Addie, come on, girl, spill the beans. Who are you going on tour with?” she says with a conspiratorial tone in her voice.

I smile, but I refused to tell Jess when I talked to her, which I know Sam knows, so why ask again? “I’m not telling. Actually, I can’t tell you, not yet anyway. Give me a couple of days and I can indirectly spill the beans.”

I can hear her childish huff and pout on the other end of the phone. “Fine.”

“Thanks, Sam. You’re the best.”

“Uh huh, I know it and damn it, Addie, you owe me. Drinks tonight?”

I look at the clock, it’s already after four and I still need to go shopping. “Actually, yeah, listen, I need a favor.”


“You want a break from the roommate from hell?”

“Oh my god, yes, please.”

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