Ebony Cougar Barebacked

By: Scarlett Steele

Be aware: This story is written for, and should only be enjoyed by, ADULTS. It includes explicit descriptions of intense sexual activity between consenting adults. Said activities include, but are not limited to ménage, interracial, bareback sex and a black MILF quest on conquering her mission on filling her holes with the largest and whitest……….

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Roshonda Williams was a gorgeous forty-nine year old woman with too much time on her hands. As a young woman, she had modeled all around the world, showing off her beautiful ebony skin and tall figure. Her face was said to resemble Halle Berry meets Tyra Banks. After she grew older, she found it increasingly difficult to find work, although the lines of age had not greatly diminished her beauty. Lately, her husband, Jerome was traveling a lot for his job and was gone almost every other week. He was the head of his division at Acme products and was always heading off for some trade show or some out of town meeting with clients. Her son, Jeremy, was off at Spellman college for his sophomore year; and only came home for holidays. Roshonda was lonely, bored and looking around for something new to do. She tried to look for a normal job; but her husband insisted that he was making enough for her to be able to stay at home and keep house.

During a typical day, Roshonda would clean the house (she insisted that she didn’t need a maid), watch a little daytime television and read a book. She would also go out for a morning jog almost every day. The routine and the loneliness were wearing on her; but probably the issue that was giving her the most grief was the issue of having her physical needs neglected. When Jerome got home from his travels, he was almost always really tired lately. She would crawl over to his side of the bed and put her hands all over his body and say, “C’mon baby.”

Most of the time lately, he would say, “Baby, I’m too tired. Maybe tomorrow.”

Only tomorrow would come and he would get dressed and was off again doing some kind of business dealings. Roshonda never had tried anything much to please herself; but she finally decided to order a dildo from a site on the internet. She was nervous about having it delivered, hoping that no one would be able to tell what was in the package when it arrived. She was sitting in her robe one morning after getting out of the shower watching ‘The View’ when the delivery boy knocked on the door.

David Johnson was an eighteen year old delivery man who was trying to make enough money to pay his rent by working for UPS. He was in his freshman year of college and was looking to be a journalist. David was handsome, skinny; but muscular, and shy. That was what kept him from having a lot of luck with the opposite sex. Although he had been with a girl or two, he wasn’t at all what you would call a player. In fact, his friends in college were getting way more dates than he was because they were so much more outgoing. It was starting to become a source of frustration for David.

Roshonda opened the door and looked David up and down. Her hair was still wet from the shower and some of the beads of water ran down her arms and legs. David looked back at her, the same way. His first thought was that she was the hottest older lady he had ever seen. Roshonda’s first thought was that this was the most attractive younger man she had seen in a while. She had never been one to date younger men; in fact, most of her life she had been courted by older men than herself. Her husband, for instance, was five years older than she was. There was just something about David’s handsome, freckled face, his shoulder-length blonde hair and his smile that got her going. She flapped her eyelashes at him and smiled,

“Do you have my package, young man?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“Eh, yes, eh yes ma’am,” he said nervously. “I have it right here.”

“Would you like to come inside?” she asked, and something about the way she said it sounded seductive and filthy, although she didn’t mean for it to. Something about her loneliness had made it to where she was wearing her thoughts on her sleeve.

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