Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

‘When the fuck are you gonna do what you’re told?’ he roared.

‘Did you hear what he said? He thinks I’m a hooker!’


Again, Flick was somewhat taken aback. ‘You love me. You’re happy with him disrespecting—‘

‘First off,’ Rushe started. ‘There’s nothing shameful in being a hooker. I know some damn fine prostitutes; there are women who do it by choice. Others are forced into it, but... don’t generalise, every situation has its own circumstances.’

‘You’ve slept with hookers?’

‘Yes,’ he said, and from his relaxed expression Flick knew he was entertained by her naivety, so she smacked his chest.


‘A guy has needs, Kitten; the only thing better than a decent fuck is a woman who doesn’t ask questions. Hookers don’t fall in love with their clients, and they don’t give a fuck who you are or what you’re doing. They fuck and run, perfect for guys like me.’

‘You paid for sex?’

‘Sometimes yes, sometimes no.’

‘I’m learning that there are few absolutes where you’re concerned. You had relationships with these women?’

‘We don’t have time for this,’ Rushe said. ‘When I tell you to stay, you stay.’

‘I don’t,’ Flick said. ‘When have I ever done what I’m told?’ Rushe’s attention flitted to the bed behind her. ‘Apart from in bed.’

‘If I tell you it’s a sex game, will you stay?’

Flick wasn’t convinced, and she hoped her blank expression conveyed that. ‘It arouses you to have me out of the loop?’

‘It arouses me to have you safe,’ he said, and Flick knew all teasing was over. ‘If you’re dead, who’s gonna screw with me every chance they get?’

‘I do not!’

Rushe took her hands and stuck them in his jeans pockets. ‘If they think you’re a whore then they won’t look twice. It’s nothing to have a hooker in my bed. But if they think... I don’t have relationships. I sure don’t form long-term commitments.’

Conceding some, Flick formed fists in his pockets and leaned forward, tucking her head under his chin. ‘I’d be expensive.’

The single bob of his chest released one low bassy note of a laugh. ‘Yeah, Kitten, I pay for you every day.’

Flick knew he wasn’t talking money but she pressed her cheek closer, turning her face to kiss his chest. While still kissing him, her fists relaxed just enough to find the length of him, still imprisoned in denim. He was already hard, she hadn’t established yet if that was because of her actions, or just because of her presence.

Kissing up to his throat, Flick was surprised when he lowered his chin to urge her away enough to allow his mouth to meet hers. His hands cradled her face to control the merging of their lips in a calm but insistent kiss.

Rushe had to be aware of those men in the living room, and to be doing this now he had to trust them. If they had sex with others in the house, they’d be vulnerable. But this wasn’t a sex kiss, or rather it wasn’t a regular sex kiss. The devotion he showered her with increased when his hands slid around and down her back. On him lifting her up, Flick moved her hands out of his pockets and wrapped her legs around his hips.

‘Rushe,’ she whispered, when he trailed kisses to her throat.

The heat of bliss circled her brain, making her heavy, and Flick could do nothing when her head fell back under its own weight. But that gave Rushe a larger area to work with. He took her to the bed, his weight still in control of hers when they landed in the soft cocoon of their nest.

Once again, his mouth kissed its way up to hers, and with the sweep of his tongue on her lip Flick opened wide. Torn between snatching his hair to keep him in place, and freeing him from his jeans, she didn’t notice one of his hands leaving her body because the other snaked under her tee-shirt to fumble with her breast. Arching closer into that caress Flick craved, she went for the belt buckle.

Rushe’s hand caught hers, delaying its journey, he’d direct it to exactly where he wanted it. Flick clinched her legs around him and let Rushe stretch her arm above her head. His other hand took her wrist, and something cold and metallic touched her skin, which made Flick’s eyes open.

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