Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

But it was too late. On the familiar grating snick, she tried to tug her hands free but they stayed put. He’d locked the handcuffs to her wrists around one of the metal bars of the headboard.


The rogue told her that she tormented him, and then there was this. Fastened in place, bound, kept prisoner, in what had become her own bed!

He conveyed no apology, he just pulled her legs away from his hips. When Rushe sat up he raised her tee-shirt to expose her body, he kissed one nipple, then the other.

‘Stop that!’ she said but he continued to tease her breasts with his mouth.

‘You gave me a free pass, Kitten,’ Rushe said, burying his face in her cleavage.

She couldn’t argue with the point because she had done exactly that, just as he had. Their open consent was the reason she took the liberty of using his erection without asking for permission when he was still asleep.

Rushe made such a huge deal of consent when they started sleeping together. Even after they’d been having sex for quite a while, he still asked her for consent every time. So Flick had made an exaggerated plea of granting him full and permanent access. She knew why it was important to him. But after a long discussion, and constant reassurance on her part, they’d agreed that consent would be presumed, and they had established a safe word to use if they wanted the other to stop what they were doing.

Flick had never experienced such trust, and she’d never seen Rushe so unsure about anything. But it was important for him to know just how she felt, how comfortable she was with him, how much she trusted him.

When Rushe claimed her as his, Flick knew it was true. She wanted to be owned by him. There may come a time later on that Rushe would have to rent out his body to be away from her, but Flick knew he belonged to her just as much, even if neither of them said it regularly.

‘This is not ok,’ Flick said, but didn’t use the safe word, neither of them ever had, and she knew it was unlikely that they ever would. ‘I’m not having sex with you for a month.’

‘Seems like that’s up to me right now,’ he said, insinuating his finger inside her, and following it with another.

‘You’re going to leave me here and go back out there,’ she said, gritting her teeth to try and ignore the warmth of his mouth on the underside of her breast, and the pressure building where his fingers moved within her.

‘You’re safe in here,’ Rushe said, licking his way up to her nipple.

‘I’m safe in any room you’re in.’

Flick felt the curl of his lips around her breast and she sighed. Rushe never smiled. He just didn’t. Well, he did, and she’d seen it around the apartment on a somewhat regular basis. But outside, or in situations with others, it was gone, locked away in a place she hadn’t found yet.

‘Good girl.’ Rushe pressed into her clit while drawing her nipple deeper into his mouth and his other hand gave a squeeze to the other and she yelped out.

The slope of orgasm was long, and Rushe kept working his mouth and his hands until he’d milked her through every aftershock.

Then his body leapt away from hers, and Flick panted through the haze marring her vision. ‘You’re a real bastard.’

‘I know.’

‘Who are those people?’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ Rushe said, perusing her still exposed figure.

‘You expect me to trust you?’


‘You don’t trust me?’

His perusal halted. ‘Explain.’

‘If you don’t let me in... you don’t trust me to understand? Or you don’t trust me to accept it?’

‘You don’t need to know.’

‘No,’ she said, her body sank into the bed. ‘A whore is only good for one thing.’


‘Go to work,’ she said.

Rushe wasn’t a man of many words and though she saw the frustration in his gaze, he turned and left the bedroom. He closed the door, leaving her alone, restrained, exactly where he wanted her.

He’d been putting off work to avoid this, Flick realised that now. If he took a job there would be questions. She didn’t know how involved he would want her to be, but if Rushe expected her to let him walk out the door and disappear for months, then he had another thing coming. He may have worked alone for years, but he hadn’t had a choice then. What he didn’t understand yet was that he had no choice now either.

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