Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

Flick didn’t sign on to this life merely to sit at home and be the dutiful little woman. Rushe could need back up, and she’d been there for him in the past. Both of them had nearly lost their lives, and their unity was the only thing that saved them.

She had been an information gatherer all of her life. Her work in the National Library research department had whetted her appetite for investigation. When she left her life to come here and be with Rushe, a time she considered her third life, she did it to be of help. Yes, they loved each other, but she had told him straight that she wouldn’t simply be a female for him to fuck. She wasn’t going to be a hooker: live off his money and be here to service him when he demanded it.

The last three months had been spent talking, and learning each other. There had been a lot of sex, an awful lot of sex, and some laughs too. Rushe might not be a smiler but he occasionally let her make him laugh, and his ultra-dry sense of humour had often left her in stitches. Flick had asked him to show her some combat techniques, but he’d insisted that she would never need them. After a lot of persuasion he had shown her a couple of moves, but it quickly became a naked workout session on the gym mat, which was probably his plan all along. But at the time Flick hadn’t cared enough to push the issue.

They lived deep in the city, which was ideal for Rushe because he liked to blend in, or at the very least be invisible in the jumble. On various occasions, Flick had told him that he’d never be invisible but he explained that there were enough distractions elsewhere; all they needed to be was still. Flick had rolled her eyes and told him that being “still” didn’t make him invisible. But he got where he was by mastering it.

As Flick lay in their bed now she cursed herself. She should have realised as soon as he started with the seduction that he had an ulterior motive. Rushe wasn’t soft; he took what he wanted. If he’d wanted sex while they had company, it would have been quick and messy.

Flick was still learning a lot about sex, but Rushe was still learning a lot about love. Sex he was great at, but the relationship part was a mystery, and a wonder, to him. After what they’d been through, both of them needed a break. So getting lost in sex was a vacation for them both.

But Rushe was getting restless. She’d noticed it more and more. She too was getting bored with a lack of direction. So much so that Rushe was working out like a machine. He was running at least fifteen miles a day. Flick busied herself at the Public Library. It wasn’t as large as the National Library where she’d previously worked, but it was on the city and college network and was housed behind City Hall.

Every day for a month she’d woken up and gone there, familiarising herself with the layout and immersing herself in topics she’d been interested in but never had the time to properly investigate.

Liam Hutten was the IT support manager from the complex, and she’d gotten to know him very well. Often he would help her out with technological issues. He’d directed her to the new software lab in a corner of the basement floor, which had more up to date systems.

Whoever the men in the living room were, Flick knew one thing. Rushe would be going back to work; something had to have piqued his interest to have the men here this long.

Knowing Rushe as she did, Flick knew that if he’d heard enough he wouldn’t have let them in at all. Also, Flick had to encourage him because if he didn’t get back out there now he never would, and she wouldn’t want him to resent her for that.

Again, she was restricted in Rushe’s bed and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it until he chose to come and free her.

Chapter Three

Another hour passed, and Flick was just slipping toward slumber when the noise of movement awakened her. Though it was dark, she sensed Rushe in the space and so she braced herself for whatever would come next.

His jeans hit the floor, the bed moved, and then he took hold of her calf to part it from the other. Flick felt the bulk of his penis against her thigh after he scooped her body under his.

‘I’m gonna fuck you.’

‘I’m pissed off,’ she said.

‘When are you not?’ Rushe grumbled. ‘Are you gonna give me shit?’

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