Explicit Detail

By: Scarlett Finn

Having her, accepting their union  , was a risk for Rushe, and he tried to minimise those. Now that they had each other, Rushe’s emotional issues flared up. He feared trusting her, and their feelings for each other, because losing her, or letting her down, was his biggest burden.

Pressing a button on the dash made the shutters for the underground parking area open. Rushe drove down the ramp and parked up in their usual place.

‘So, Lover,’ Flick said into the ether. ‘What now?’


There was the monosyllabic man she loved so dearly. Rushe slammed out of the car and Flick took her time about unfastening her seatbelt. Just as she predicted her side door was wrenched open and he hauled her out without ceremony.

Dragging her to the elevator, the doors opened to grant entry as soon as Rushe pressed the call button, as though the carriage was intimidated by Rushe’s mood too. A few seconds later, a ding declared them on their floor and he proceeded to pull her down the hall to their door.

The apartment was spacious, with half the external wall made up of windows from the ceiling down. To the left upon entering was a solid partition, hiding the otherwise open-plan kitchen from the rest of the living space.

Dragging her past the dividing kitchen countertop, Rushe took her straight to the alcove hallway, which contained the doors to the family bathroom and bedrooms, though the second bedroom was presently half study, half gym. He hung a right to take her into their large square bedroom, housed in the corner of the property. They had a wall of built in storage, and on the other side of their bed was the entrance to their shower room.

Now that they were in the bedroom Rushe relaxed, and with a generous nudge, Flick stumbled onto the bed. Before she could correct her position, Rushe took hold of her hips to pull them up, presenting her rear for his delectation.

His grunt of satisfaction made Flick smile, and while his hand skimmed her curves, she straightened her arms to prop herself up on all fours. Describing Rushe’s skills as a lover never did them justice. Flick knew it was true when Rushe told her that she was the only woman he’d made love to in his entire life. This was a man who didn’t do soft, but Flick had been patient and it had paid dividends.

Rushe’s fingers stayed over her bathing suit but they advanced downward, between her legs, until they found her opening. With slight pressure, he began to circle it.

‘You think you’re smart, don’t you, Kitten? You think you’re a bad girl, you think you’re tough... Playing games with me is dangerous, Kitten, very dangerous.’

Curling one finger around the crotch of her suit, he pulled it aside. Two fingers plunged inside, and on instinct Flick pushed back to meet them.

‘Oh,’ Rushe said with that dry, sinister amusement he utilised so well. ‘I know you like that, Kitten. I know just what you want. You’re my horny little slut, pleasure on demand, that’s what you are to me...’

His fingers came out of her, but the bite of her disappointment didn’t have time to manifest itself fully because Rushe dragged her suit down to expose her rear. He took it down her thighs, just enough to reveal her most intimate area, then he stopped, everything stopped.

‘Are you going to fuck me?’ Flick asked.



She hadn’t meant to sound quite so indignant, but his heavy hand smacked her ass in immediate retribution.

‘You been screwing around?’

‘What?’ she barked, completely flabbergasted by the bizarre question.

‘Your little boyfriend might like the attitude but don’t forget your place here. You get it when I give it, and you’ll be grateful for it.’

She always was. Flick would never have imagined her life looking like this. She could never have imagined playing their games, and she had no idea that she’d enjoy it so much.


Flick darted off the bed, tugged up her suit, and got onto her feet, finding herself up close to the bearer of those arousing words.

‘You got something to say?’ he asked.

‘Sorry,’ Flick said, and his head tilted a few degrees. ‘Sorry, sir.’


Flick was almost as close to naked as one could get without going all the way. But she did as she was told, taking careful time to untie each knot, the one behind her neck, the one on her left hip...

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