Hate to Lose You

By: Penny Wylder

We move slow, exploring. I take the time to savor every inch of her, running my hands along her sides, down to grip her ass and pull her farther into the car. She arches up against me, and I press down against her, my hips pinning hers to the back seat while my hands slide from her ass back up to her hips, and my lips shift to kiss along her jawline, down to the soft spot where her neck meets her shoulder. I nip at her skin gently, and she gasps and tightens her arms around me, twisting beneath me so she can trace her tongue along the edge of my earlobe. She bites lightly, and I draw back just far enough to grin at her.

“Naughty girl.”

“Me?” She bats her eyelashes. “I’m Southern, we can’t be naughty. Only good Christian girls or the kind who need to visit the confessional soon.”

“Hmm.” I reach up between us to undo the first two buttons of her blouse, and kiss my way down her cleavage, on full display thanks to the tightly-cinched bra she’s wearing, one of the pushup kind that give her perfect tits every advantage. Not that she needs the help. I thumb her nipple through the fabric of the bra, as I kiss, suck and nip my way over the top of her chest. “Well, I’ll give you plenty of sins to confess to next Sunday, in that case.”

“Promises, promises,” she whispers, but the breathy gasp in her voice when I gently pinch her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, makes the tease a little less convincing.

I grin, enjoying the effect I have on her. It’s only fair. She’s got me harder than I’ve ever been. I finish undoing her blouse and let it fall on the seat below her, running both hands over her chest now, gently squeezing her breasts, kneading them through her bra. Her eyelids flutter closed, and I reach around to undo the bra clasp. That makes her eyes snap back open again, and she darts a gaze backward over her head, toward the window.

“Relax,” I murmur, leaning down to kiss her perfect tits. I wasn’t wrong. She doesn’t even need the pushup help. Her breasts are perfect handfuls, perky and round all on their own. Her nipples are already swollen and halfway hard, getting more so as I reach down to cup one breast in my palm while I circle my tongue around her other nipple, enjoying the pebbly feeling beneath my tongue, and the sound of her breath coming faster and shorter in her throat. “Nobody’s looking,” I add in a whisper, my breath hot where her chest is wet from my tongue. I pause, then grin. “Unless you’re worried about those two old ladies from out front following us to scold us again.”

“Fuck them,” Daisy replies, grabbing my head and pulling me back toward her breast.

With a smirk, I comply, and suck her nipple into my mouth. I clamp my lips around her, roll the hard nub of her nipple with my tongue, and while I keep massaging her other breast with one hand, with my free one, I trace down over the flat, smooth plane of her stomach to her hips, then lower.

“God, you have perfect tits,” I murmur against said tits, before I trail my tongue over to her other breast, switching sides.

She arches up into me, gasping, and her hands grab fistfuls of my shirt as she tries to tug it over my head. I pull back just far enough to let her, and I’m rewarded with a faint gasp, and the sight of her eyes widening as she takes in my chest and my abs.

“Damn, Bronson.” She smiles a little, appreciatively, as she runs her fingertips over my stomach. “Who knew you were hiding so much treasure under there.”

I reach down to catch the hem of her skirt in my fist. “Speaking of hidden treasures.”

Her eyes flash with desire as I pull her skirt up between us. Then she hesitates, biting her lip. “Should we…?” Her gaze darts past me to the door.

I sit upright, which makes her mouth form a little pout of disappointment. But I only reach back to pull the door shut behind me, pinning us both in the car, and then I lay back down along her. Luckily the car is wide enough we both fit in pretty easily, and there’s something so hot about it, feeling as illicit as fucking teenagers, out here in broad daylight stripping down this sexy as hell woman in the back of her own car.

“Have I mentioned you’re fucking gorgeous, Daisy?” I ask as I finish pushing her skirt up around her waist. I run my hands over her hips, hooking my thumbs under the thin fabric of her skimpy panties. I toy with them, tugging them down half an inch and then back up, stroking my thumb across the mound of her pussy, careful not to press to hard, yet.

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