Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

Maybe it was that feeling of complete satisfaction that let me drop my guard, that let me say all the wrong things and make Drew angry with me again. We had great sex, lots of it but these days, it seemed that was all we had. The love was dying; I could feel it slip away with every day. True, I was still turned on by Drew and with every love making session, I felt so close to him. But with every act of anger, I had to find reasons to convince myself that I should stay.

I get off the bus and walk the next two blocks to my office. I know how lucky I was to have gotten this job in the first place. I was wet behind the ears when Drew and I got to New York. My next door neighbor told me about the internship at the large marketing company her sister worked for and asked if I wanted to try for it. I jumped at the chance. I didn’t even know what marketing was, but I jumped at the chance because my neighbor had told me it could lead to a proper job and there was good money in marketing.

After the internship, I got lucky; they’d kept me on, trained me, sent me to college and now I was doing well as administrator for one of the sales teams and even on my way to another promotion.

I didn’t dare tell Drew that in a few months I might become a junior manager. He’d only get angry, disappear for hours, and come back blind drunk. That’s what he did most days. Drinking my earnings away when all I really wanted to use the money for was to get us a better apartment.

“Hey girlfriend!” Amy is always cheerful and always in the office before me. She is sort of my assistant but we’re good friends too. Amy told me everything about her relationship with Charlie, her boyfriend of eighteen months, but I told her very little about me and Drew, especially these days.

“Hey Amy. What you got there?” I ask as I put my purse down on my desk and sit down.

“These are donuts from that new place. I got you some; don’t worry. Coffee’s right there on your desk.”

“Thanks, Amy. You’re an angel.”

And she really is. She always has a coffee ready for me and she usually has some form of pastry to go with it, too. As a larger lady, Amy either thinks she needs to fatten me up because she thinks being curvaceous, as she calls it, is best. Or, she thinks I don’t get time for breakfast. Lots of mornings that might be true; if Drew is up, he’ll find a way to start something. When Drew is in a rage, like this morning, all I want to do is run out of the house, never mind anything else. I sometimes wonder if Amy might be a fly on the wall at my place and she knows what this past year has been like for me.

The fact is if my blood sugar gets too low, it’s likely I’ll pass out. It has almost happened a couple of times, so maybe that’s why Amy makes sure she has supplies of food ready for me.

“Just looking out for my boss,” she says. I smile and take the lid off my coffee. The steam is like heaven to me and I can’t wait to try it.

“I’m not your boss, not really.” I sip some coffee, exhale, and then remember my hair and make-up. “Back in a while, Amy.”

In the bathroom I fix my hair and make-up and come back to the office.

“Look at you,” Amy says in a sing song voice. “Trying to turn some heads are we?”

“Don’t be crazy,” I say and try to get down to some work. In the half hour I’ve been there, all I’ve managed to do is gorge on donuts and apply my make-up. But the indulgence makes me feel better about myself and about the morning I had. “As if anyone here cares what I look like,” I say.

“Don’t be too sure about that,” Amy says, swinging in her chair. She always wears black with one little something that gives a splash of color. Today it’s a bright patterned scarf, thrown playfully round her neck. Her hair is dyed vibrant red and she’s always smiling.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Macey! As if you don’t know, Adam Wainwright wants you.”

“Wants me? What are you saying?”

“Are you really telling me that you haven’t noticed how he’s in here every second of the day? When he talks, he’s only looking at you. And when he does, look how close he leans when he’s showing you what he needs to have done.” Amy shakes her head like I’ve just landed on the planet.

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