Her Bosses Baby

By: Kimmy Love

Amy nods and points to a name on the sheet of paper. My heart begins to race. It’s not the name I expected to see. I close my eyes and take several deep breaths.

“I should go out and tell them—shouldn’t I?” I look at Amy as if to find another way out of what is going to be a difficult next few minutes.

My body has turned cold as I walk out into the outer waiting room. Adam stands but Drew sits slumped forward and looks hard at me. I walk over to Drew and he stands to look at me.


“I’m sorry, Drew. Really I am.”

He shoots a look of hate at Adam then looks at me as if he could kill me right there. But then something in his eyes changes. They soften, almost pleading.

“I don’t care if I’m not the father,” he says. “I want to take care of both of you. I love you Macey.”

“I know that, Drew, I know you do. But it isn’t fair on you.”

“Because you don’t love me anymore do you May? I blew it big time... I have, haven’t I? I’m too late right?” His lips are quivering and his eyes grow glassy. Tears are already streaming from my eyes. I go to hold his arms but he shrugs me off. “I don’t need your pity, Macey.” He looks again at Adam and then at the door to the ward where Jasmine is sleeping soundly. Without a word, he turns his back on me and walks away. I watch the broad shoulders shrink to a narrow heap as his old sneakers drag along the polished floor. A door swings in the distance and Drew disappears behind it. I don’t know when I’ll ever see him again.

I feel strong arms around me and I touch the hands that close around my arms. Adam’s breath is warming my neck as his face nestles there.

“I will make up the time we’ve missed together, Macey. I swear to you I’ll never leave your side.”

I turn to face him.

“Adam, are you sure about this? I can’t have another heartbreak. Jasmine needs a mother who is strong and a father who will be there for her.”

“And that’s what she has. Macey I love you. I’ve loved you a long time. Our lives, all three of them, start here.”

We walk arm-in-arm into the room where Jasmine is just waking. She opens her eyes, only slightly and straight away I see the eyes of her father.


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