His Virgin

By: Nikki Chase

“Yeah. Okay. Thanks, Caine,” he says.

“No problem.” I press another button on the steering wheel to hang up.

As silence fills the car once again, I wonder why I was even thinking about that day I learned my live-in girlfriend was a lying, cheating bitch. That whole mess happened three years ago.

I was heartbroken for a while, but I quickly buried myself in work until I didn’t have any time left to grieve. It still took me about a year until I stopped thinking about her whenever I was lying alone in my bed.

I never slept again in the bed where Trish had fucked someone else. I never even stepped foot inside that apartment again. I hired a realtor—Trish’s biggest rival—and sold it at a loss. The property market wasn’t doing well at the time, but I had to get rid of that fucking apartment.

After parking the car, I close and lock the door, then head toward the hospital entrance. Besides checking on Pop, there’s another thing I’m interested in at this hospital.

That nurse.

That saucy minx of a nurse.

The one who acts like she’s too good to do things for money. The one who pushes me away, but lets out delicious little gasps whenever I get too close. The one who says with her mouth that she doesn’t want to follow my orders, but has so far done every single one of them.

She wouldn’t admit it, perhaps even to herself, but I can see from the lust in her gaze that she wants me as much as I want her. And I want her bad.

I don’t usually obsess about a girl to the point of distraction, but I keep finding myself zoning out during important business meetings to think about her.

Those legs barely covered by the sheer stockings, those full hips and narrow waist, those perky tits… But most of all, the way she responds to my slightest touch. I can almost feel myself getting harder in my pants at the mere thought of her body.

I push my dirty thoughts away. I’m walking into a hospital, for fuck’s sake. Do I really want a bunch of medical practitioners and sick people staring at my hard-on?

She makes me feel like a horny teenager . The only person I’ve ever felt this way about was Trish, my ex-girlfriend.

I wonder if that’s why I was thinking about Trish earlier. Maybe my subconscious is telling me to be careful, warning me something bad could happen again with this new girl, but I’m not worried

She’s barely old enough to order a cosmopolitan at a bar. She looks so innocent I doubt she could slip one by me. Besides, she’s practically transparent; all her emotions immediately show up on her face. I can read her like a book, even after only two short encounters.

I’m older, wiser, and smarter now. And I have a plan.

I’ll get her into my bed, sooner or later.



“Your father is doing well, Mr. Foster. He can go home whenever he’s ready.” The young resident doctor adjusts his Harry Potter glasses. He looks down and checks his chart for the seventh time. I’m beginning to think he’s purposely avoiding eye contact.

“I’ll take him home tonight,” I say. “We’ve already hired a home care nurse to make sure he at least tries to stay healthy.”

“I’m right here,” Pop says, stirring in his bed. I tried to keep the conversation quiet, but the man has the hearing of an elephant. He puts his palms on the bed and pushes himself up to a sitting position. “I don’t need your nurse. I’m not some invalid.”

“Pop, just stay in bed, okay? You’re still weak.”

“Bullshit,” he says as he gets up to his feet.

“You’re an old man. Act like it. Maybe if you rest more you can go back to work sooner.” I look at the doctor and ask, “So when can he start working again?”

The doctor fidgets nervously, his fingers adjusting and playing with the stethoscope hanging around his neck. “I wouldn’t recommend going back to work. Perhaps this is a good time to consider retirement.”

“Hah! Retirement, schmetirement,” Pop shouts in a loud voice, making the doctor flinch in surprise.

I roll my eyes.

Sure, Pop has an infamous reputation. Back when he was young, he was involved in quite a few illegal activities. But, over the years, as he grew his wealth, he gradually took himself out of those risky businesses.

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