Jameson Fox

By: Nina Levine

“We’re not a real married couple, Jameson, in case you’ve forgotten. Although, I really don’t think you have. You love that fucking contract so much.”

“Fuck,” he says, pulling me to him. “You misunderstood me the other night when I mentioned the contract.”

I try to smack him away, but he’s got a firm grip on my arms. “Let me go! We are not doing this.”

“We are doing this, and you are going to listen to me.”

I press my hands to his chest. “I’m done being bossed around by you.”

He slides his arm around my waist and holds me tightly to him. The anger vibrating off him matches the heat that’s always there with us. I want to shove that heat away so I can only respond to the anger, but my body can never ignore it. “You will never be done with me bossing you. I won’t ever allow that.”

“Right, so you’re doing the same thing you did when I brought up moving to London. You want to boss me into doing whatever works for you.”

“You ran London by me to see if moving here would work for the marriage. I thought through the practicalities. I fucked up, though. I should have told you that me not wanting you in London had nothing to do with the contract and everything to do with the fact I’m a selfish bastard and do not want you living anywhere but with me.”

My heart beats faster.

She’s running to him.

I do my best to hold her back.

“Well, it’s too bad. I’m here now.” I stand strong. I cannot give him my heart.

“I can see that. I can also see that you’re in the mood to argue with me.”

“No, I’m done arguing with you. We don’t ever have to argue again.”

“Fuck,” he rasps, fierce determination raging in his eyes. “We will be arguing until the day I die.”

I try again to remove myself from his hold.

And I fail again because he uses his strength to keep me right where I am.

I glare at him. “For the record, we will not be arguing until the day you die because I will have divorced you long before then.”

“We will never divorce, Adeline.”

I stare at him while my heart starts galloping toward him.

My lungs forget how to manage the normal intake of breath. It’s chaos in there while they speed up and then try to slow down and get all out of whack.

“What?” I breathe out.

He finally lets me go and moves to the sofa to collect the envelope he brought with him. Pulling documents out, he hands me the first one. “Chatoyer is yours. I’m having my shares transferred to you.” He hands me the next document. “Black Diamant is yours.” He then holds up a copy of our marriage contract. “And this is done. Our marriage is now real.” He tears it in half and hands the torn paper to me.

If I thought my lungs didn’t know how to work properly a moment ago, they really don’t know how to now.

I glance down at the paperwork I’m holding, bewildered by it all. “You own Black Diamant?” They’re one of my biggest competitors. I had no idea Jameson owned that company.

“I took the company over when Gabriel identified they were behind the social media smear campaign against you just after we were married.”

I frown as I try to make sense of this. “Why would you do that?”

He looks at me like the answer to this question should be clearer than clear. “To stop them fucking with you.”

I look at the paperwork again.

I want to let my heart keep galloping his way, but I also want to guard her.

“Why are you doing this?”

He moves into me again. “Because I love you and I don’t want anything coming between us and confusing you. I want you to know without a shadow of a doubt that I am in this marriage for you, not a company. And if you need to wipe the slate completely clean by telling Bill it was a lie to begin with, we can do that too. I may have married you to inherit a company, but all I want now is you.”

My arms are around him before I can stop them. Not that I want to stop them.

I want everything he wants.

I want to argue with him until the day I die.

I never want to divorce.

And I want nothing between us confusing us.

His mouth crashes down onto mine and I kiss him with everything in me.

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