Jameson Fox

By: Nina Levine

I melt into him.

My heart practically forces my chest open so she can climb out and be with him.

With this kiss and that declaration of love and that promise of never divorcing me, Jameson ruins me once and for all.

When he finally lets my mouth go, I keep hold of him and say, “I hope you’re prepared for loving me. There could be many wars ahead.”

He looks down at me with all that brown warmth that I now know is love. “I was built for loving you, baby. Not even war could keep me away.”




“The share price is up again this morning,” Douglas says over the phone during our weekly chat. “And Q1 is on track to meet our predictions.”

“Great news,” I say, momentarily distracted by my husband who has just walked into my office unexpectedly.

“I’ve emailed some reports for you to look at regarding London. Everything still looks good.”

“Thank you.” I watch as Jameson sits on my sofa. I can’t drag my eyes away. Not when he’s wearing a three-piece suit with those arm sleeves rolled up exactly how I like. “I’m sorry, Douglas, I have to go.”

I end the call and stand. “I wasn’t expecting you today,” I say to Jameson as I move to him.

He reaches for me and pulls me onto his lap. One hand comes to my neck while the other goes to my waist. His lips find mine and I feel his need for me.

Splitting our time between London and New York the last two months hasn’t been easy. We’ve spent days and nights apart when we couldn’t work our schedules any differently. I don’t like being apart from him, but Jameson really doesn’t like it.

“I cancelled my meetings,” he says after he finishes with my mouth. “I’m here for three days.” Thankfully, he doesn’t suffer jet lag as badly as I do, because he’s the one doing most of the flying. But still, I worry about him.

I put my hand to his chest. “It’s my turn next, okay? You look exhausted.”

“I look exhausted because I’ve been dealing with Paulina Rossi.”

I laugh at the look of exasperation filling his face. I find it amusing watching him deal with her. “Just remember that her strategies are working.” His profits are better than before they started dropping. It helps that all the lies being published about both of us have stopped, but mostly, I think Jameson credits Paulina.

“Fuck,” he grumbles. “I almost fucking wish they weren’t.”

“Ooh,” I say as a thought occurs to me, “Does you being here now mean you’ll be at the shoot tomorrow?” I forced Jameson into letting me do the endorsement campaign Paulina suggested I do for his hotels. We’re filming at his London hotel tomorrow.

His grip on my neck tightens. “Yes. I need to ensure they have enough clothes on you.”

I shake my head at him, but I can’t help from loving him when he’s like this. “You are too much, Mr. Fox.”

He brings my mouth to his again, kissing me like he’s thinking about fucking me. His hands are all over me like that too.

I let him have his kiss for longer than I should before putting my hands to his chest and pulling my mouth from his. “I can’t fuck you,” I say breathlessly.

His eyes travel down to my breasts. “Why not?”

I smack his hand away when it also comes to my breasts. “Because Shantel will be here in half an hour, and I have to chat with Lara before she arrives.”

He tries to cup my breast again. “I should never have given her to you.”

I smack him away again. “I appreciate you giving her to me, although giving would imply she could stay with me forever. I do recall you making it clear you expect her back working with you once she’s trained my new assistant.”

He gives me a pointed look. “My assumption is always that you will argue with me. I expect this situation to be no different.”

When Vanessa resigned as my assistant last month so she could move closer to her mother, it left me in the lurch. February was a huge month for me with New York, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks. I didn’t have time to find a new assistant. Jameson and Shantel were in London at the time, and Shantel stepped in to help. She’s a fast learner and quickly picked up on what I need from an assistant.

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