Marrying the Wrong Twin

By: Nicole Casey

It made it that much easier to ignore both her face and her vaguely vexing personality. I didn’t give her a chance to speak again as I wrested her naked figured back to the eighty-count Egyptian cotton sheets, my hand falling around her throat to keep her from uttering another word as my mouth worked down her lithe body.

My tongue lashed out to taste the stale salt of her body as I moved my abs down her frame and toward the spread vee of her middle. She was ready for me as always but as I lapped at her, my cock growing harder, my mind was still distinctly on what Adare and my father were discussing.

Dad better not have overlooked me for something merger related, I thought, massing Carlie’s windpipe with strong fingers as my mouth suctioned around her clit. I felt the vibration of her moan against my palm and it served to make my dick rock solid.

My nose nuzzled into her musky center, my free hand reaching upward to play with the sopping mess that seeped from between her legs. I slipped two fingers inside, my breath quickening against her as I felt Carlie tense beneath me.

In and out I fucked her with my manicured digits, each thrust bringing her closer to the brink and Carlie struggled to scream against the tension on her throat.

The heat of my balls forced me to focus on what I was doing and put my family on the back burner for a moment.

I loosened my grip around her throat and carefully shifted my body around, straddling her as I flipped my body one hundred and eight degrees. My cock slid across her mouth and I never lost my groove over her drenched lips.

Eagerly, Carlie reached up, taking me fully into her mouth and it was my turn to groan with pleasure as her wet mouth sucked me back.

God, she had the mouth of a Hoover, her lower lip grazing my sack as she began to match the rhythm of my fingers inside her.

“Fuck!” I muttered and the sensation of my words caused her to buck up wildly against me and spasm, spraying her hot orgasm into my face.

I lapped it all up but I didn’t stop. It had been my intention to fuck her but she was doing such a good job, taking my sack in with the rest of my unit, I didn’t move from working at her pussy.

Her walls closed in around my fingers and the little cries that wanted to escape her lips didn’t make it anywhere but back down her own throat, alongside of my engorged hardness.

Shit…I was going to come too but my ego wouldn’t let myself until I’d gotten at least one more out of her. I didn’t want to hear any complaints from Carlie after I’d blown and I could feel her ready to spill again.

My face was soaked in her release but my tongue worked almost maniacally as I steeled myself against climaxing.

But it was all too much and I couldn’t hold back anymore, not when I was being vacuumed up by her.

With a long grunt, my balls tightened and released, my seed spilling into her at exactly the same time as Carlie came for the second and then third time.

There is it, I thought smugly, my arms wobbling at the pressure of holding myself up in the reverse sixty-nine position.

Only when I was sure she had expelled every last drop did I unlatch my lips from her and fall to the side in a huff of air.

“Shit, Rust,” Carlie purred. “You’re getting better with age.”

The moment of pleasure I’d experienced vanished and I whipped my head up to glower at her.

“I’m thirty,” I snapped. “What the fuck does that mean?”

Carlie giggled, apparently dismissing my ire and stretched.

“It was a compliment,” she replied. “Nothing to get pissed about.”

Why do I waste my time with these little girls? They’ve got nothing to offer but sex and they always annoy me.

“I’ve got shit to do,” I grumbled, pulling up the sheet. It shifted Carlie to the side slightly in the process but she still didn’t move.

“Just give me a second to catch my breath,” she said as I grabbed the clothes I discarded all over the floor during the night.

Carlie had already overstayed her welcome but I didn’t want to be a total asshole so I didn’t respond. Instead I threw on my boxers and sauntered toward the en suite to shower. I hoped she’d be gone by the time I got out so I decided to take my time.

I turned on all eight jets in the steam shower and relished the feeling of the hot water penetrating my muscles from all sides. I’d worked out hard last night, finishing the session with a sparring match, which had left my body aching. Coupled with the marathon sex and the drinking, I was surprised I was still able to stand.

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