Moving On (Cape Falls, 5)

By: Sam Crescent

“I’m not backing away. Brad can go and suck his own dick. You’re eating lunch with me from now on, understand?” he asked.

Words failed her, and she nodded her head, agreeing with him.

“Good, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And like that, Peter left the library. Lunch time was over, and now her thoughts were all over the place. What was she going to do?

Brad could ruin everything, and he’d not missed a lunch time yet. Pushing her troubled thoughts to the back of her mind, she finished her shift at the library and headed home.

She couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. Peter sure knew how to use his lips. Rose had never been kissed before in her life. Pressing fingers to her lips, she couldn’t help but smile.

When she got home she was shocked to see her parents home. Entering the front door she found her mother waiting for her. “We’re having guests tonight. You’re to go get bathed and changed. I’ve set out an appropriate dress.”

Her mother dismissed her.

Not seeing the sense in arguing with her, Rose walked upstairs to her bedroom. She saw a peach dress laid out on the bed, along with a pair of black pumps. Shaking her head, she climbed into the bath and washed herself. All the time, she couldn’t stop thinking about Peter and his expert lips on hers. They were the only thoughts she wanted to have.

Once she was done in the bath, she dried her body and hair and started to get changed. She heard the door go, opening and closing.

Minutes passed, and her mother shouted up the stairs requesting her presence. Staring in the mirror, she saw the dress was a perfect fit. She hated it. Her stomach growled. She wasn’t allowed breakfast anymore, and her lunch consisted of fruit. Brad didn’t offer her anything more, and whenever he saw her lunch, he smirked.

Spending time with him and his crazy friends scared her. Her only consolation was the fact lunch was spent near other people.

Leaving her bedroom, she made her way downstairs to where her parents were waiting in the sitting room.

“There she is. Come on in, Rose,” her father said.

She froze when she saw Brad with his parents. What were they doing here? Swallowing past the lump in her throat, she headed toward the only seat available. The room was silent as she took her seat. Brad smiled at her.

“Can I get a refill?” Brad asked.

“Certainly. Rose, get Brad a refill on his wine,” her mother said.

Feeling sick to her stomach, Rose moved into the kitchen, grabbing the wine bottle. Brad still had his crazy smile as she refilled his glass. There was water for her. She poured out some wine and took her seat. Her thoughts returned to Peter and the kiss.

Soon they moved into the dining room. Rose blanked everything out. She’d learned from a young age to keep quiet at her parents’ dinners.

Brad spooned food onto her plate, and no one questioned what he fed her. She noticed he didn’t put much on her plate, and he didn’t give her seconds. When she reached for more food, her mother shot her a glare, stopping her from eating.

Tears filled her eyes, but she glanced down at her lap. She sank her nails into the flesh of her thighs, to stop herself from calling out.

After Peter’s kiss, this was turning into the worst night of her life.

“Rose, why don’t you and Brad go up to your room?” her father asked.

She frowned. “Why would I do that?” No boy was allowed in her room.

“Do it, and don’t argue.”

Brad grabbed her arm, leading her out of the room. “You should learn to do as you’re told,” he said, escorting her upstairs.

Dread filled her, making her stomach turn. She’d not eaten enough, but with Brad leading her upstairs she was thankful.

He knew where her room was, which she didn’t like.

Brad closed the door, taking a seat on her bed. “This is nice.”

“Why are you here, Brad?” she asked. “Our parents are not friends. There’s no reason for you to be here.”

“Well, you see, that’s where things are about to change.” He got off the bed, moving toward her. She took a step back. Brad reached behind him pulling out a small black box. “Our parents already think it’s a great idea. You’re going to be my wife, Rose.”

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