Mr Blackwell:Teacher Student Romance

By: S K Quinn

I stare at my feet. ‘I could do with being alone right now.’

Cassandra snatches something from her bedside table and holds it out to me. ‘Here. Take this.’

It’s a card with her name and number on it.


‘Look, just take it. When you’ve had time to think. And understand who you really are.’

I drop the card in my jacket pocket. ‘Goodnight Cassandra.’

She laughs. ‘Oh Marc Blackwell. We’re going to have a lot of fun, you and me.’

I walk the hot streets all night and by dawn I reach my apartment.

Actually, it’s not my apartment. It’s owned by the studio, and I share it with two other teen actors from Their War.

Rory and Finn are in the living area, surrounded by beer and JD bottles. They’re red-eyed and playing computer games. Two girls are with them – both of whom I recognise from the movie set.

One of the girls is completely naked, passed out on the sofa. Another is in her underwear, sleeping with her head on Rory’s lap.

‘Hey dirty stop out!’ yells Rory. ‘Looks like someone else got lucky too last night.’

The underwear girl stirs and pulls her head from Rory’s lap. Her makeup is smudged and she throws me a groggy smile.

‘So who was the lucky lady?’ Rory asks. ‘Heard you left the club early. Ria was pissed. She spent all night making out with some blond dude. Fucked him in the karaoke booth. Then cried on my shoulder for two hours about how much she loves you.’

‘I’m going to take a shower.’

I go to my bedroom, slamming the door behind me.

My phone rings. It’s Ria. There are twenty-six missed calls from her.


I undress and turn on the ensuite shower, setting the dial to cold. The water is shocking on my hot skin, and I inhale sharply.

I stand for a while, letting the shower hammer away.

But it won’t wash away who I am. Nothing can change who I am.

There’s a gentle knock at the door.

‘Who is it?’ I bark, ducking my head under the cold water and splashing my face.

The bathroom door creaks open, and I see a blonde girl in the doorway – the one who was sleeping on Rory’s lap.


‘Hi.’ She wraps her arms around herself and smiles. ‘I did your makeup once. Remember? When Trudy was away.’

‘I don’t remember.’

‘I love watching you act,’ she continues. ‘You’re amazing.’ She gives a shy smile. ‘Rory fell asleep. I wondered if you wanted some company.’

I wipe water from my eyes.

There’s no escaping who I am.

The girl is still watching me.

Her hair isn’t real blonde. It’s a yellowy red colour and hangs limply around her shoulders. She’s short, with the kind of curves that will probably get a lot bigger with age. One of her eyes is smaller than the other, and she has that sallow, grey look that tells me she’s been up all night.

The girl unpeels red underwear, her eyes alight with excitement.

I could control myself. But why should I? I know who I am now.

I open the shower door and pull her inside.

She gives a shocked laugh as she stumbles onto the porcelain.

‘It’s cold!’ she yelps, throwing her arms around my shoulders.

‘Stone cold,’ I growl.

‘You know … Rory won’t care,’ she says, shivering. ‘He knows I like you. I told him from the start.’

‘I know Rory won’t care. I wouldn’t have let you into the shower if he did. There’s only one girl Rory cares about – his fiancée. Her name is Katie, she lives in Canada, where he grew up.’

Rory fucks a different girl every night, and calls out Katie’s name when he comes.

I look down at the girl, my eyes fierce. I could kiss her. I could be slow, tender, gentle. But that’s not who I am.

I grab her wrists and force them up above her head, pushing her against the shower glass.

‘Oh!’ She looks startled, but then her eyes flash. ‘You’re so forceful.’

‘You like it?’


I watch her for a moment, my heart pounding. Then I squeeze her wrists tight.

She moans, closing her eyes. ‘Oh Marc!’

I put my lips to her neck and suck hard.

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