My Brother's Best Friend

By: Nikki Chase

About This Book

My Brother’s Best Friend is a full-length novel of approximately 51,000 words.

I’ve also included a free bonus book, His Virgin—just a little something to thank you for reading, and hopefully get you interested in my other books. ;)

You can expect My Brother’s Best Friend to end around 50% on your Kindle.

Happy reading! <3

My Brother’s Best Friend


“So you decided to give me your virginity based on some gossip?”

“Well, no, I thought I was just going to talk to you, but then… Then it turned into something else.” I bite my bottom lip and look up at him from under my eyelashes, hoping we can end this conversation and just get back to fucking.

I don’t need things to get any more intense emotionally. But my body can take anything he gives me.

A smile spreads across Gabe's cheeks. “I see. You just couldn't resist me, huh?”

“Yeah.” I return his smile.

Just as I’d hoped, Gabe pulls me into his arms and gives me a passionate kiss. I fight the urge to melt into his arms and give into his lips.

Instead, I turn around to face the ocean and rub the front of Gabe’s pants with my palm. He’s already hard.

I look back at him over my shoulder, maintaining eye contact as I slide my panties down my legs and step out of them.

I raise my hand behind me, place it behind his neck, and pull him close. I stick my ass out until I feel his hard-on.

As I let out a small moan, Gabe flips up the back of my skirt.

“You're wet, angel,” he says in a hoarse voice as he runs his fingers over my pussy lips.

“Yeah. I’m ready for you.” I grind my ass back against Gabe.

I hear his groan and the sound of his fly being unzipped, and I know I’ve won this round.

“Fuck me,” I whisper as he spears into me. I hold on to the rough stone of the balustrade and look out into the ocean.

I’m glad he can't see my face right now, because a tear has just escaped my right eye. It dries quickly in the cool breeze.

I need Gabe to fuck the pain out of my heart, until all I can feel is the pain he inflicts on my body, and the pleasure that's bound to follow.

“Hurt me,” I whisper, and he does.

He pinches my nipple and bites the back of my neck until I sigh and whimper.

This hurts so good.


“Come on in,” I hear Mom’s voice filter through my bedroom door, “it’s my son’s birthday.”

Oh, no.

Is Mom roping yet another innocent guy into her weird birthday bit?

This used to be embarrassing, but now it’s just sad and exhausting.

I’d go out and give that guy a helping hand, but I’m kind of busy right now, and I’m running late.

I glare at my hair in the mirror. Why won’t you curl like I want you to?

My arms are already getting tired from holding my hair up, curling it, and sticking one hairpin after another into it. And I still have another section to get through.

But I can’t just stop now. I’d draw too much attention—in the wrong way—if I were to show up with 75% of my hair in an elegant updo and the remaining 25% falling stick straight the way it usually does.

I mean, Karen and I aren’t supposed be there in the first place.

We’re taking her parents’ spots so it’s not like we’re crashing the party, but we have a long day at the hospital tomorrow and we really should be having an early night. We’d get lots of frowns if we’re spotted by one of the residency directors, who will definitely be there.

I really shouldn’t go. If I start partying and staying out late now, in the first month of my medical residency, what’s next? Before I know it, I’ll be missing my shifts, getting fired, and joining the throngs of millennials all over the country who can’t find jobs.

At least one person in the house should have her shit together.

With my hair finally done, I grab my purse and take one last look at myself in the mirror.

Even though my arms are a little sore, I now have a loose bun of blonde hair on the top of my head and soft, wavy tendrils framing my face.

I really didn’t want to put so much work into my hair, but it’s the hairstyle that looks best on me. I’ve tried different options: the big, glamorous, Hollywood waves; the simple French twist; the stern, tight bun. I watched so many YouTube tutorials to get my hair just right.

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