My Husband, My Stalker

By: Jessa Kane



That word bashes around in my skull. I haven’t been giving her enough?


“What do you mean by ‘more’?” Elmira asks, not a hint of censure in her tone.

I lean forward in my chair.

“I mean…my husband is the first man I slept with, so sex is kind of new to me. Still, I’m not naïve. I know our sex life is…” She releases a shaky sound. “Incredible. But ever since he said that word—Daddy—I’ve had fantasies about pushing that boundary.”

“Role playing?”

“Yes. Is there something wrong with me?”


“Even if I daydream about taking it…far?”

“Define ‘far’.”

It’s a moment before Jolie answers. “I don’t have daddy issues or anything. I have a perfectly normal relationship with mine, even if we’re not super close. It’s warm. So there’s no underlying problems. Christopher is the only one…inspiring this.” Her pitch deepens. “He has this way of building me up, encouraging me outside the bedroom. But in the bedroom, he’s dominant. Extremely so. I hand over my will and he takes it.” She pauses. “You see, he’s all these things at once. Everything. Filling every need. And it just puts me on my proverbial knees. I want him to have that ultimate power role…because I trust him.”

My fucking breath is sawing in and out of my lungs.

Between my legs, my cock is a stiff pole, pressing against the table.

I’m drawing attention to myself from nearby tables and that’s not good. I’m supposed to be blending in. Being normal. But I never expected to hear my wife confess to wanting me to act as her Daddy. To have the ultimate power role. Jesus, those words are like a drug to me. To a man who craves control when it comes to his wife. I’m one stroke from coming in my pants.

“I want him to be…parental. In bed. That’s what I mean by taking it far.” A pause ensues. “I just want to make sure this doesn’t connect to my trauma in any way.”

Elmira hums. “In my opinion, it doesn’t. Joseph Hynes wasn’t a father figure. The two of you didn’t have sexual contact, nor did he force himself on you. I don’t see a connection.”

“Okay,” Jolie breathes, sounding relieved. “Now I just have to nudge him, I guess.”

I laugh without humor and drain the rest of my coffee.

Nudge me?

Oh, angel eyes. There won’t be a need.



My favorite time of the day is when Christopher walks through the door. He’s always rumpled from sitting at his desk, tugging at the knot in his tie, briefcase in the opposite hand. But the fatigue always flees from his blue eyes when he sees me. More often than not, he boosts me onto the entryway table and whatever I had cooking burns while he takes out his stress on my body, bucking into me savagely, my hair wrapped in his fist.

Tonight when he walks through the front door, there’s something different about him. I can’t quite put my finger on it. He’s watchful and calm. Intense as always. But there’s a new thoughtfulness to his expression that somehow sets my pulse thrumming.

He kisses me on the back of the neck where I stand at the stove.

In the reflection of the microwave, I watch him slowly remove his jacket and tie, his eyes tracking down over my butt and thighs. I’m always wet when he’s this close to me, but I swear I can feel my sex pulsing now, his measured breathing filling me with anticipation. It’s probably due to the conversation I had with Elmira today. One I’ve been meaning to broach for a couple of weeks. Wonder how long it’ll take to actually act on my decision to tell Christopher about it?

I stir the simmering tomato sauce, my eyes closing when I hear my husband remove his belt. Looking down and to the right, I can see the long strip of leather dangling from his fist.

“How was therapy today?”

This is your opening. Take it.

“Good.” I smile at him over my shoulder, but it fades when I find him looking positively wolfish, his hair even more finger tousled than usual. “We’re making progress.”

“That’s great.”

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