Owning Her Innocence

By: Alexa Riley

This moment, however, wasn’t gross at all. What would he do if I moved so my girly parts sat right on his thigh? Would he feel the wetness? Would he notice it if I just moved back and forth a little? Why did I want to move back and forth? What good would it do? But I want to. I have to.

I see his eyes drop to my lips. I bet William’s kiss would be nothing like Tim’s. I lick my lips, wondering if he’ll do it. Kiss me, I beg with my eyes, knowing there’s no way I can say the words.

William starts to lean toward me and I freeze. He’s going to kiss me, but right before he gets to my lips his face turns and he buries it in my neck. I feel something warm and slick slide up my neck and a moan slips from my lips. He licked me. Oh my god, he totally licked me.

“You taste like pure innocence,” he tells me. At his words I let my girl parts slide down onto his thigh. The pressure feels so good. It feels like something is building. Something is going to happen…

“Haley!” I hear my father yell.

The next thing I know I’m standing and William is across the room, leaning against the wall like nothing happened. Is he that unaffected by me? The very idea crushes me, but who am I kidding, I haven’t the first idea how to attract a man like William.

Maybe my fantasies are starting to make me go crazy and I imagined everything that just happened. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had vivid thoughts about William, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last. I just can’t seem to shake him from my head. He dominates my every thought, and maybe even owns them. What would it be like to be owned by William? The thought should scare me, but it only excites me.

“Haley, there you are,” my father says, breaking me from my thoughts.

“Molly and her brother Tim just got here. You should go and greet your guests.”

I take one last look at William before rushing from the room to find Molly, hearing my father yell after me, “No running in the house, Haley!”

After that, I try my best to avoid William for the rest of the night. If he can pretend like nothing happened, so can I.

I spend most of the evening hanging with Molly and her brother Tim. I was surprised to see Tim here with Molly. Since he kissed me a few months back he’s pretty much stayed away from me. Tonight, however, he seems overly attentive. He keeps asking me about my plans this summer and making sure my drink stays topped off. It’s actually kind of sweet, but some of his lingering touches make me feel uncomfortable.

I know I should try to move past this stupid crush I have on William, maybe even go on a date. No way would William ever want to be with some chubby girl like me who can’t even kiss a boy without wanting to run away. My father would probably kill us both, to be honest. Going to an all-girls’ school the whole “going out with boys” conversation never really happened.

As the evening progresses, the more I try to avoid William the more he seems to be watching me. He keeps giving me disapproving looks. I also can’t help but notice that Jane—an employee from my father’s office—is hanging all over him. The sight of them together makes it feel like I have a weight on my chest. I’ve heard my father say she’s a gold-digger that will sleep with anyone, whatever that means. I can’t stand to watch them, but I swear anytime I walk into another room, William is there two seconds later, followed by Jane.

I really need a moment alone to get myself together. I’m feeling a little dizzy and really, really tired. I also need to change out the soaked undies I still have on from earlier.

Slipping up to my room I inwardly cringe at the stupid blue walls. I head to my dresser, digging to find a new pair of underwear—I would be so embarrassed if anyone knew what I had done in them. Just the thought of what had taken place with William earlier had me soaking them further. Maybe I should see a doctor. This can’t be normal.

As I’m slipping the panties down my legs, my door suddenly swings open and I tumble back with the underwear wrapped around my legs. Tim catches me.

“From the state of those panties it looks like you’re starting without me, sugar,” Tim drawls.

I pale. What does he mean, starting without him? Starting what?

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