Sweet Arrest

By: Jordyn Tracey

"Oh baby.” He kissed her mouth and wiped her tears with the pads of his thumbs. “No, that's not why. This was a tragic situation. But know that wherever your mother is, she's looking down on you, still loving you. It's okay for you to love her back. People make horrible mistakes. And as bad as Selena was, it was ultimately her father who caused her to be that way. What he did wasn't a mistake. It was horrible, knowing he was hurting an innocent child. Your mother was young and foolish, and she let her own fear get in the way of making things right. But even still, it's likely that Selena's mind would never let her forgive or let her think anything other than that everyone had abandoned her."

She sniffed. “You're right. I know. But it hurts all the same. And I'll have to go through all of this again, when Andre comes back. It will about destroy him as well."

"Just know I'm here. Right here.” He pushed strands of her wet hair off her forehead and cheeks. “I'm not going anywhere."

A slow smile touched the corners of her mouth. “Promise?"



Connor leaned down over the crib and lifted his infant up into his arms. His infant. His baby boy. How had it happened? A miracle. One that he gave A'isha the credit for, he thought with love swelling in his heart. As a teen, his doctor had diagnosed him with a low sperm count. Oddly, only after A'isha had consented to marrying him with no hope of having kids had he stumbled on an alternative treatment. Now, he had Connor Junior, and he couldn't be happier.

"Connor!” A'isha stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips. Slightly wider hips, but still able to make him hard on sight. He offered a sheepish grin and ducked his head. She shook hers. “He was quiet and sleeping. You're going to spoil him."

"I can't help it. Have you seen our son?” He grunted and kissed the top of his little one's head. “Our son.” He blinked away the moisture in his eyes.

She grinned and crossed over to him. “What happened to my tough as nails cop for a husband?"

"Domesticated by a wife and son.” They kissed. Connor pushed his tongue inside her mouth, but she drew back. He frowned. “How about you and me go in the bedroom and make another one. One for you this time."

She burst out laughing. “You're nuts, you know that?"

"For you and for Junior."

"Ah, let's talk about his nickname.” She winced. “But, I think I can be persuaded to practice making another baby.” She wiggled her eyebrows at him.

Connor felt he would burst he was so happy, well that and turned on. How he loved that her breasts had grown bigger since being pregnant. He let his gaze rove over her as he pictured her naked. Carefully, he placed his precious bundle in his bed and took A'isha in his arms.

"Okay, baby. Come on. We don't have much time before Lisa brings her new boyfriend over. I need to be well rested before I interrogate him."

She rolled her eyes at him, dragging him toward the door. “Oh you can forget about that, detective. I'm planning to wear your thing out. I'm just getting my drive back, and I'm thinking marathon.

Connor groaned, but his shaft twitched in anticipation. As much as he hated thinking of people and things as being perfection, he couldn't help it. His life with A'isha and Connor Junior, even with his stronger than ever relationship with Jill, was just that. Perfect!

The End

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