Taking His Virgin

By: Lila Younger

“Thanks for getting me home,” Ava says from the passenger seat.

She’s grown up so much since the last time I saw her. She had just turned eighteen, and had grown up suddenly into a woman. Seeing her made my cock strain against my jeans, and I’d cut my visit short for fear her father would catch on. That was when I made the decision to leave. My feelings were twisted, not right, and I couldn’t trust myself not to act on it. And now, another two years later, and she’d become even more perfect. I’m reminded again why leaving had been the best idea I had.

I turn off the car and face her. The moon is bright, and her eyes shine like emeralds. Her curls, playing in the breeze, frame her gorgeous face. I want to kiss those perfect lips, touch every inch of that soft skin, but I don’t. I can’t do that to her father. What I have for her is wrong, and I know it, even if I feel that way still deep down.

“Ava, you need to be careful. I know those types of men. They’re bad news,” I say instead. “Those idiots don’t deserve you.”

And you do? I question myself. Like hell you do.

“Ken was just drunk.”

“My point exactly. That’s when those bastards are the most dangerous.” I lean in, trying to get her to understand.

Her eyes drop down.

“I should probably get dressed,” she says. She pulls out a pair of leggings from her purse. “Mom’s going to have a heart attack if she sees what I’m wearing.”

My eyes drop down to her breasts, two perfect handfuls barely covered by the scrap of fabric draped over them. She’s not wearing a bra. Damnit. Here I am warning her, when I’m the biggest bastard of them all. I need to put space between us, before I really fucking regret it. My eyes return to her face, and she’s blushing. It takes a titanic force of will to break the connection with her gaze.

“I’m going inside.”

I get out of the car, slamming down on the door harder than I should in my haste. The ornate front doors of the B and B are still unlocked. The inside is as grand as the outside promises, with a gorgeous wooden curved staircase onto the second floor dominating the foyer. The check-in desk sits on the right hand side, and on the left are two French doors leading into a parlor. Bill comes through the door, around the desk and opens his arms.

“James, you made it,” he says. I give the guy a hug. Even though I don’t deserve it, he’s a brother to me. “I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow.”

“You needed me,” I say with a shrug. “I didn’t want to waste any time.”

“Well I’m glad you’re here. Where are your bags?” he says.

“I’ll grab them in a bit. Why don’t you show me around your place? I’ve seen pictures, but this is my first visit I think. Where’s Sandra at?”

“She’s in bed already,” Bill says. He pauses. “I haven’t told her why you’re coming. We’ve talked a little bit about finances and what we’re going to do once the resort gets built, but I didn’t want to worry her too much about it until I get your opinion.”

“Sure thing,” I reply.

“Why don’t we do a quick tour? So you can get an idea of how things stand.”

Bill leads the way into an elegant sitting room across the check-in desk. Sandra had done a good job. Furniture, which look like period pieces, is arranged around the room to provide a cozy spot for guests to retreat to in bad weather. Light floral wallpaper gave the room a bright, airy feel, even with all the wood trim and paneling. We head into the next room. A long table with a coffee dispenser sat against one wall, while smaller tables were arranged around the room. A gorgeous chandelier, possibly new, makes the light dance around the room. The large windows and French doors face out onto the ocean. This must be the dining area. It too was recently wallpapered, and the hardwood floors look like they had been refinished.

“Everything looks good,” I say. “Are you sure you need me?”

“It’s not these rooms that need updating,” he says. “It’s the bedrooms. And the amenities. It would be nice if we could somehow get air conditioning running to the bedrooms, and steady heating too. It always craps out on us at some point during the winter. No clue why. And Sandra has been wanting a new kitchen.”

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