The Alpha's Domination

By: Sam Crescent

“No, we don’t think you’re a better catch or anything. We’re worried what you owning this big house means.”

“Why would it mean anything?”

“You’d be surprised how dangerous large houses and big men are.” She stared up at the house feeling … happy, safe? Dawn didn’t know which emotion to trust or to savor. Daniel wouldn’t hurt her. He’d been her Dom for a year and he never left her scared, nervous but never scared.

“I’m going to know all of those secrets you’re hiding,” he said.

“They’re not secrets.” They’re just memories of a time I’d like to forget.

He leaned in close. She felt his breath across her cheek. Her body tightened with the heat of him. Inside her wolf started to growl, wanting to get a little closer to his body. What would it be like to strip naked and turn? To run with him in the wild of the forest without anyone to hear her thoughts? She’d stopped running in the forests back at home as the connection of the pack allowed them to access her thoughts if she was close enough. They would all be repulsed by her if they knew the truth. She didn’t hold any doubt that they’d cast her out as if she didn’t exist in her parents’ world.

“There are always secrets in this world, pet.” He dropped a kiss to her cheek, and for the first time she was charmed by his touch. No one ever took the time to touch her, hold her, reassure her.

All thoughts of her mother were cut off.

“I don’t have any changes of clothes,” she said, turning to look at him.

“You don’t need any clothes. We’re alone, and that’s the way it’s going to stay.” He took her hand leading her up the multiple steps to get to the main door. She watched him pull out a set of keys and start to unlock the large door.

“Don’t you have any other alphas trying to take over your territory?” she asked.

“No. I treat all packs with the respect they deserve, and I demand they treat me as such.”

Her father didn’t allow any other pack to walk through his territory. If another wolf from another pack walked on his land, he’d give the wolf a beating. She had grown tired of watching men and women beg. For a woman, her mother delivered the beating as her father didn’t believe in hurting a woman. Her mother never had a problem with causing pain.

“They come to me for permission to enter my lands, and I grant it to them. I don’t cause fights that are unnecessary. My pack likes to live in the open without fear of being approached by others. I make sure they’re all taken care of.” Daniel switched on a light as she entered his home.

The door closed, and the sound echoed throughout the old house as if it was a sign of approaching doom.

We’re trapped!

There was no getting out of this house until Daniel was satisfied. Would it be so hard to agree to his claim of being her mate? She truly didn’t know what to think about his claim. Dawn was torn in two between wanting his claim more than her next breath and then scared of accepting his claim.

Once he knew the truth, would he really want her? No man truly wanted a murderer for a mate.

She cut the thoughts off, staring at Daniel as he turned back to her. He slid the bolts into place locking them inside the dominating house.

“For tonight, we’re not going to do anything. We’re going to enjoy some good food and drink, and then we’ll go to bed.”

“Where will I sleep?” she asked.

“Where I tell you to.” He walked down the long entrance hall, taking a left. She hurried her steps to keep up with him. Considering the age of the house, the scents were sweet, charming.

Whoever lived here they were happy. The house smelled of happiness, of peace. It was such a strange scent to have around the house. She rushed toward him, following him through three more rooms before they made it to the kitchen.

“The house has multiple rooms for the pack. They do visit, and when they do I like for them to make themselves at home. Unfortunately with wolves, they fight. I’ve got four television rooms so there’s no fight over the remote or what they watch.” She chuckled, imagining an argument turning heated in the sight of a remote. Ravaging wolves, attacking each other just because they didn’t want to watch a television program. “You can laugh all you want. It’s happened.”

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