The Arrangement

By: P.G. Van

“Except for fake marrying you, I’ll do anything.” She chuckled as he led her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

“Niharika Ratnam, will you marry me, for real?” he said, going down on one knee in front of her. He held the large emerald ring that was the family heirloom for engagements.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She covered her mouth with one hand as he slipped the ring on her finger.

Mahen straightened his back to pull her to him. “Promise never to leave me even if I’m as grumpy as I was two weeks ago.”

“I won’t. I’ll do this.” She smiled gently slapping him on his cheek, and that made his eyes darken, hunger surfacing in them.

“I missed you, sweetness.” He dug his fingers into the soft globes on her back, pulling her body to him.

She dug her nails into his back and asked in her hoarse voice, “Show me how much you missed me.”

His breath hitched, and she felt a shudder pass through him as he reached lower to scoop her in his arms and carried her to the bed. “I missed you so much that I want to be locked away with you for months.”

She smiled at his silly comment, but her heart picked up on the underlying sorrow and his need. “I’m yours… only yours.”

Mahen lay her down on the bed like she was a gentle flower before ripping away the robe that covered her body as she hungrily reached for the clasp on his shorts. He kissed her hard, making her lips sore as his hands explored her heated body.

Moments later, they were joined together, breathing ragged, their hearts beating for each other. He collapsed onto her, lost in a moment of lust and hunger, kissing her like he could not get enough of her.

“I promise to love you and never cause any pain to you as I did the last few weeks.” He kissed her sweaty forehead.

She smiled, pulling him to her. “I love you, Mahendra Rayudu.”

“I can’t wait to make you Mrs. Mahendra Rayudu.” With that, he kissed her into a new state of lust and satiation to a world where only the two of them and their beating hearts were heard and felt.

Chapter 24

One month later…

“Finally, I get my office back.” Mahen laughed, looking at the tall structure that had recently been constructed—the same location where Niha had crashed her car and set the building on fire. They waited outside under the canopies that were set up for the grand opening ceremony and for the guest of honor to arrive.

“I’ll miss having you in the house,” she whispered, moving closer to him, her tone sultry, and she saw the pulse on his neck quicken.

“I can work from home a few days a week.” His words emitted heat that set her clit throbbing.

“Not going to be enough. I’m so used to being in your office, the desk. I like the feeling of cold wood on my back.”

“Baby, please. We’re in public,” his voice was gravelly, and it excited her more.

“We’re a newly married couple. We have every right to talk sex.” She winked and heard his breath hitch. They were married a week and postponed their honeymoon so they could inaugurate the new building for the expanded office space.

“Well, Mrs. Mahendra, you need to take care of the ache between my legs now. I can’t believe you’ve turned me into a rock with just your mouth.”

“I’ll take care of you, Mr. Mahendra, with my mouth. Just give me a private tour of your office.” She innocently batted her eyelashes at him and turned to look away when the crowd started to cheer for the guest of honor.

Mahen took Niha’s hand in his and smiled. “Let’s go welcome the guest of honor, and then I’ll give you a grand tour of my office.”

“Private tour.”

“Yes,” he said, hissing into her ear as he planted a kiss on her cheek.

“The guest of honor looks more like your sister than your mother.” Niha giggled as they walked close to the group who surrounded his mother for her autograph.

“Mahi and Niha, you guys make such a stunning couple.” Mahen’s mom hugged them both, air-kissing them on their cheeks.

Mahen, being the brat, always made sure to kiss his mother on her cheek, making her glare at him, and that only made him smile, mischievously. The childish look in his eyes made Niha wonder if that’s how their children would be, and it made her womb warm, just at the thought of being the mother of his children.

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