The Call (Alpha Billionaires Book 4)

By: B.L. Brooks

“Nonsense, Megan. You will stay with me tonight instead,” he tells me in a matter-of-fact tone, as if there’s no debate to be had. “It’ll save money while giving you access to anything you could possibly need. Don’t worry.”

For some unexplainable reason, I no longer seem to have a worry in mind right here by Eli’s side…



Megan is quiet the entire drive home. I can feel how anxious she’s getting in the car, and when reaching my driveway, she starts fidgeting in her seat.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” I ask, not yet convinced.

She looks at me like a deer caught in headlights, quickly nodding. “Yes,” she peers off to her right. “I just didn’t have time to grab anything.”

“I know, and it shouldn’t be an issue. As long as you feel safe with me, allow me to take care of everything for you.”

As that’s all I wish to do—take care of this girl, who seems to have had a shit show of a day from what I can tell.

Parking inside the garage, I offer Megan a grin before getting out of the car and heading for her side, even though her eyes remain on her lap. But with my stare locked on her every step of the way, by the time I open her door, I’m pleased to find she’s now peeking up at me.

Judging by the smile crossing her lips, I assume she’s relieved to be here as I am to have her. Offering out a hand, she accepts happily, allowing me way to help her to her feet. “Have you eaten?”

Megan slowly shakes her head. “I usually eat when I get home. The smell of party food can get a little nauseating at times.”

I can only imagine. “I’ll make us something then. Allow me,” I begin, opening the door leading into the house. Megan takes the first step inside, giving the perfect view of her delicate, short little frame and shapely round ass…oh, hell.

Back at the rink, her hair had a natural look of a brunette; but now, up close, I’m catching the golden-red highlights beneath her long waves, serving to make her hair all the more lovelier.

“The kitchen is to your left,” I direct, and Megan smiles at me over her shoulder, giving me yet another glimpse of those taunting blue eyes that are fucking my life up right now.

The freckles crossing over her nose only brings the girl to look younger, showing off the lack of wrinkles in her quirky smile. “How old are you?” she asks, and I chuckle as we make our way down the hall.

“Why so? Worried an old man has you all to himself now?”

She shakes her head, drawing back to my side as I guide us into the kitchen. “No, not at all…although, I am curious, I’ll say. You did give me your card...”

And at this very second, I’m not regretting I ever did. I pull a chair out of the breakfast nook, signaling for Megan to sit.

“I’m thirty-eight, if you must know.”

She hums quietly, taking her seat—though her eyes remain on mine as I begin pulling ingredients together around the kitchen.

“I’m twenty-one,” she murmurs, “almost twenty-two, though.”

Mmm, a little younger than I expected. Glancing at her curious eyes, I can’t help but to study her face for a moment before asking, “Does my age bother you?” My chin tilting to the side. “I’m sure you can tell I gave you my card to get to know you.”

“But why?”

Leaning forward on the counter, my elbows connect to the marble top—our eye contact remaining steady. “Because you’re absolutely gorgeous, Megan. And after watching you throughout the entire party, I realize you’re what got me through today. Is that so wrong?”

“Well…no,” she answers softly. “But even if I’m twenty-one?”

“Your age doesn’t change how enchanting you are, baby girl,” I utter, having to kill the growl rumbling in my throat.

A lovely blush settles beneath her freckles, though I only get a second to enjoy it before refocusing on dinner. “So, tell me about yourself. What brought you to the city?”

Out the corner of my eye, I catch Megan shuffling in her seat. “I uh, moved here to work with an interior designer. Hard to believe, right?” she cracks, considering I just witnessed her serving cake and drinks only hours ago. “But his work is incredible, and I’m lucky enough to have a shot at working with him since he thinks my sketches are pretty good.”

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