The Roommate's Baby

By: Penny Wylder

Because I can't wait to tear that thing off her.

All day, I'm distracted as hell. I file half my reports at the wrong times—so noticeably that my buddy Chris stops by my desk after the third one and asks how late I was out last night and how hungover I am this morning.

"Level 100 hangover," I tell him, because it's easier than explaining the truth, which I wouldn't trust telling him anyway. Chris is many good things, but discrete, he's not.

"Have some more coffee," he advises. "And maybe some greasy fries for lunch."

I resolve to get my head back in the game, and for the better part of the early afternoon, I'm almost able to do that. Okay, so every time Rina strides across the office past me, I get distracted all over again watching her ass move in that skirt, or being driven wild by view down her loose but perfectly respectable blouse when she leans over the water cooler. You can't see her cleavage, but I've seen her in enough tight little going-out dresses to know it's there, and to be able to picture exactly how it would look if I undid a few buttons of that prim and proper blouse, peeled it down her body to reveal the bra underneath, one of her lacy little numbers that I occasionally find in the laundry, maybe the red and black one I caught her in one morning when I came home unexpectedly after a night out, and caught her in her underwear in the kitchen.

That image certainly stuck with me for a few months afterward.

It's on my mind again when I run into Rina in the kitchen making an afternoon coffee. "I like your skirt," I tell her as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the tiny, cramped kitchen area. I reach past her for a mug and purposefully let my arm graze along hers. "I can't wait to see what you've got on underneath it later," I add in a low murmur.

Her cheeks go red again—she's such an easy mark—and she darts a quick glance around. But we're the only ones in here. I checked. She licks her lips, and for a moment, I think she's going to tell me off for hitting on her so blatantly here at work, in the office.

Instead, she leans closer, so her breasts press against my arm while she leans across me to pour her coffee. "Nothing," she whispers, and now it's my turn for my face to go hot.

My face and my cock. Damn.

"You're a naughtier girl than I give you credit for, Rina," I murmur.

"That's because you only know one side of me, Cannon. The professional side." She lifts a brow, smirking.

"I prefer the dirty, unprofessional side, I have to admit." I reach down to trail my fingertips down her arm, grazing across the edge of her chest. I long to push her against this counter, take her right here.

But the door to the kitchen swings open, and we both leap back from one another as though scalded.

"Hey guys," Lacy comments as she steps inside.

"Hey." I smile at her and nod to Rina on my way out. I catch the corner of Lacy's confused frown, then hear her ask Rina behind me, "Did I interrupt something?"

I linger just long enough to hear Rina's snort of laughter. "Of course not. So, how was the rest of the date? You didn't finish telling me earlier."

I drift away, leaving them to their girl talk. But I can't get Rina's smirk out of my head, or the sexy purr in her voice when she answered my question so unexpectedly. Nothing. She's wearing nothing under that fucking tight skirt.

God, I'm never going to make it until tonight.

Maybe we should take a walk, I text her around 4PM, at least 2 hours before either of us normally takes off. Home. For, say, an hour... or two...

Can't, she replies almost instantly. Swamped. Gonna be late tonight.

You're killing me, I reply.

Her only response is a winking face emoji.


The office starts to clear out around 6PM, as usual. There are the few late stragglers—my boss, Rina's mentor, Jake and Sarah. But by 7PM, they've cleared out as well. Leaving just me and Rina, the last two standing. She's still hunched over her computer typing away at an email. But I can't wait any longer.

I cross the office to stand behind her chair and read over her shoulder. "You should take a break," I advise. "You'll strain your eyes."

She spins in her chair to roll her eyes at me. "Oh, is that the only reason you'd like me to take off now?"

"No," I admit, leaning down over her. I cup her cheek and tilt her head back until her eyes rise to meet mine. "Call me selfish, but I can't wait any longer, Rina. Not after watching the way that skirt hugs your curves all day."

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