Trained(The Monroe Trilogy Book 2)

By: Cynthia Dane

His face softened, hand touching her bare shoulder. “Just checking.” A furtive glance was shot toward the bothered flight attendant. “Come back here with me. Ms. Clayborn has plenty to keep her busy during the flight.”

Alice should not have been surprised to find a new world in the back of the jet, yet she was. Instead of the neutral beige up front, this section was decorated entirely in black leather seating and a king sized bed cordoned off with a sliding screen. A panel hid an entertainment center. There were plenty of snacks and drinks to keep them happy – and unbothered by overly helpful flight attendants. They probably even had their own bathroom complete with shower! This is even nicer than his yacht. Did Monroe actually live at one address? Or did he spend his whole time hopping from one venue to the next? The family penthouse one night, his yacht the next, maybe a hotel to round out the week… I could never put up with that. Alice preferred to have one cozy place to call her own.

Monroe shut the door behind them. “We’ll have to sit down for takeoff, but after that, you can come and go as you please.” He showed her to one of the leather couches. “I hope that everything has been agreeable with you lately?”

Alice nodded. Feels weird being beside him again. The last time they interacted, his father threatened her, and his mother – or at least she was pretty sure that was Mrs. Monroe – stole into the back of Alice’s car and warned her to stay far, far away from Damon and his ilk. I didn’t listen. Alice thought she would. After she returned home, she was almost determined to throw away anything the man had given her and stop returning his messages. Then…

Then Ms. Clayborn showed up to take Alice and Candice shopping.

How could Alice willingly turn this lifestyle down, or at least until she gave it the ol’ college try? I would be a damn fool. Of course his father didn’t like her. Why would he? She was a nobody from County Poor People compared to that family. As for the mother? Even if that was her and not some crazy vagrant, she was clearly from another planet. No wonder Russell divorced her.

This was what Alice told herself as she willingly spent Monroe’s money and dressed herself up for his approval. (Hers as well, of course. She wouldn’t present him with something unless she thought it great first!) Now she stepped onto his plane to go to Chicago for almost a week. A week of what? Sex. Let’s be real. Alice hoped for some proper touristing in there, but she had a feeling that she was at Monroe’s scheduling whim. Why would he want to go see some sites when he could keep her in bed? Not like I’m complaining…

The captain, a middle aged man with a clean-shaven face, knocked on the door before stepping in. “We’re all good to go, Mr. Monroe. We’ll be taking off in about five minutes.”

“Excellent. Give us the signal when we’re free to move about the cabin.”

“Absolutely.” The door closed again.

“I’ve never flown like this before,” Alice confessed. “I didn’t even know jets like this existed.” She realized how stupid she sounded the moment she said it. “I mean… of course they exist… just… they never existed in my world before?”

Monroe’s arm snaked across the back of the couch. He was not in a hurry to touch her, however. “There’s a lot for me to expose you to, it appears.” He chuckled. “I take so much of this for granted. The planes, the shopping, the food… sometimes I forget it’s not mundane to other people. It’s all I’ve ever known.”

Were they moving? It felt like they were moving. Only not really. Maybe that was Alice’s stomach doing somersaults. “You had a plane like this when you were a kid?”

“To be fair, technology has improved dramatically since I was a child. Though yes, we had the top of the line private jet for that day.” He must have meant the early ‘90s. What were planes like back then, anyway?

“You’ve really lived a life of privilege.”

Monroe stiffened. Was he put out that Alice was bringing this up? “One of my first memories is traveling on a plane,” he said, quietly. “I used to be scared of it.”

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